I’m curious about people’s first becoming aware about BDSM and the fact that they were turned on by the idea.

I was turned on by women in fur coats and boots before I really knew what BDSM or even being "turned on" was. Being in Canada both the Sears and Eatons fall and winter mail order catalogs sold fur coats. While other young boys ogled the lingerie section, the ladies fur and winter coat section was always the first I turned to with fashion boots a close second.

Being excited by being tied up or being held prisoner while playing Cowboys and Indians, Army or Cops and Robbers was another early, pre puberty predictor.

In terms of being introduced to actual BDSM play it was things like Penthouse Variations and the “Oh Wicked Wanda” comic strip probably around age 12-13 in the early 70's

Xavier Hollanders book The Happy Hooker also had some kinky scenes. Combine that with the fact that her photos for the book had her in a fur coat and hat sealed the deal for me grin

My first play experience was with a London pro Domme while on a student trip to Europe at age 18. Private play with a college GF followed a year or two later. 40+ years later the urge to play is just as strong. smile