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Psychologist's Lawsuit Against Dominatrix, 'Slave' Ends in $5M Verdict
P.J. D'Annunzio
May 13, 2021

A psychologist, a dominatrix and her “slave” walk into a courtroom. The punchline? A $5 million verdict in the related defamation lawsuit.

The verdict comes from the case of psychologist and human resources company CEO Gary Dumais, who sued defendants Jeffrey Roberts and a woman Roberts paid to boss him around, allegedly ordering him to defame Dumais, her ex, according to court papers.

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Susan Schulman entered the verdict against only. According to Dumais’ lawyer, David Heim of Bochetto & Lentz, whose professional name is Lexx Envy—refused to participate in the case after making her initial appearance.

Roberts settled with Dumais before trial. That agreement, for a undisclosed amount, settles allegations that Roberts posted anonymous comments online calling Dumais a “rapist,” “alcoholic” and “drug addict,” which Dumais alleged caused him to lose tens of thousands of dollars in business.

“Roberts admits that was his personal dominatrix and he was her ‘slave” during the relevant time. Roberts also admits that as ‘slave’ he was required to do everything she told him,” the plaintiff’s pretrial memorandum said.

“Clearly, Roberts—as ‘slave’ who is duty bound to do her bidding—was conspiring with her to get retribution against Mr. Dumais because several years earlier Dumais had a brief romantic relationship which Mr. Dumais ended when he learned she was dangerous and potentially psychotic,” court papers said.

In his court papers, Roberts pointed to a cross-claim he filed.

“Roberts denies that he had any involvement in the conduct alleged by Dumais,” his court papers said. “Roberts has also filed a cross-claim against alleging that—if any actionable conduct occurred was solely responsible for it. filed an answer admitting that she is liable under Roberts’ cross-claim.”

The papers continued, “The reason that Dumais has sued Roberts is that some of the allegedly defamatory statements were connected to the internet protocol (‘IP’) address allocated to Roberts’ residence. However, and Roberts agree that: (1) was at Roberts’ residence at the time that the statements were published; (2) she used Roberts’ Wi-Fi connection to publish the statements; (3) Roberts was asleep at the time; and (4) Roberts had absolutely no involvement or knowledge about what was doing.”

Roberts’ lawyer, Jonathan Cohen of Conrad O’Brien, did not respond to a request for comment. could not be reached for comment.

“This award shows how damaging internet defamation can be to a person and a business, particularly the court’s award of $3 million in reputation damages,” Heim said. “Our client was victimized by someone with bad intentions to ruin him. We had no idea who was doing it as the defendant acted anonymously and actively concealed her identity. But Gary stood up for himself and fought back to regain his reputation. I really admire him for it.”