It has been a year and a half since the beginning of the pandemic. Few expected it to last that long and the changes it brought to be so big, including in BDSM. There is a saying , it is only the temporary that lasts.

It is time to take stock of the changes this brought to our lives, and see what has changed. There has been a lot of talk about session prices, but I am more interested in the qualitative changes.

For subs:

- Do you session as much as you used to?
- Is it as easy to find a mistress?
- Do you have as much choices?
- Do you have to wait more until you get a session?
- Have you returned to the same mistress or have there been changes?

For mistresses:

- Do you have fewer or more sessions compared to pre pandemic?
- Is it more difficult to book a space for a session?
- Have you reconnected to most of your old partners? How easy or difficult is it to find new ones?
- Has there been a change in the profile of people you meet? More singles, fewer out of towners?
- Have there been changes in your social profile that will last?

We all have our individual experiences but it is interesting to understand where things are going for most. In my case the work from home had a big impact, reducing my mobility.