In case you have not heard or read, the prosecution and trial against some the backpage guys was going on and just declared as a mistrial. Presumably the gov will soon try again.

Despite the instructions of the judge, the prosecution repeatedly brought in testimony about child sex trafficking, though none of the defendants or backpage is charged with child sex trafficking.

Also, the leading expert witness of the gov is a woman who has used an image from Pretty Woman to explain what is prostitution, and on the stand she admits she draws no distinction in her work and testimony between consensual sex, sex by force or threat of force, and child sex trafficking.

From the point of view of the gov expert, sex for pay and sex by force are both sexual exploitation and she has no need to distinguish between them . . .

Probably, in a few weeks, the gov will begin again . . . with at least somewhat greater carefulness about the ongoing references to child sex trafficking. the gov has been attempting to prove or win based on the guys of backpage making money from the proceeds of prostitution and they are prejudicing the jury by constantly bringing reference to child sex trafficking, as if it is certain that backpage was faciliating that.