Warning people about scammers is a longtime hobby of mine. laugh Anyone who follows me on FetLife, where they are a constant nuisance, has probably seen me call them out.

Looks like we may have our first(?) one here: "jenniffer1990"

They posted this in my forum:

"I am serious about My search for a slave and would consider you
further if you can follow My rules. I believe in Discipline,
Humiliation and Kinks. I am a Versatile Domme of Class, Distinction &
Sophistication with the experience of unparalleled Domination and
alluring control. I am Well versed from Sensual & Provocative to
Strict & Merciless. It all depends on My understanding of My slave and
what urges I feel My slave and I have in common. I have more than what
it takes to make you My slave because I am gifted with a wealthy
knowledge and understanding of the Psychological and Physical aspects
of the S/M B&D Lifestyle

Hope to read back from you soon,
Your Mistress
Whatsapp: +16233494101"

I used to sort of dissect these posts to let people know how to tell they're fake but then the scammers started using it as a guide of what not to do. So I no longer do nerdy analysis -- publicly.

For those who are worried about being scammed, I'll offer a few tips that scammers have a hard time getting around:

1.If possible, look to see if the account is new. The newer the account, the more wary you should be.

2. Check for a website. Scammers are very unlikely to have them.

3. Copy and paste "ads" in a search engine. If you see it posted in a bunch of shady places (as the above text is), you're dealing with a scammer. If you don't get a hit take a smaller piece of the text and try again. Try using quotes around some parts and then again without quotes. Try different search engines. They all index slightly differently.

If you read closely you will see more obvious issues. You may not want to discuss them here because it might help them getting better at scamming.

If you found someone online and you're not sure if they're a scammer, you can send me a private message. Scammer Consulting is a free service I offer. smile