Has anyone else seen this? I sessioned at a house dungeon in the past where this was always required. What do you guys think of it? Personally I didn't mind doing it at the house dungeon as the sessions were pretty simple to schedule in a relaxed setting and you had a good selection of dommes. Each one of them always had you place the condom on at the start of the session. I saw one independent domme on twitter has her submissive clients wearing one in all the photos I see.

Mostly okay with it and even though I know it's for their safety and the precautions are understandable, it's almost degrading in a sense to have to wear one when you think about it, but I know that's not why it's required sometimes.

But then I think to the sessions where I would have a domme using a violet wand right on my penis and seeing the electricity zapping right into my dick hole as I looked down. Incredible. Or having one spit on my dick or the beloved jerk off on their feet or the floor and eat it, which has not been a thing at the place with the condom. It was "You can use the shower now and finish yourself off if you wish" at the end of the session.

With that, despite the name, I do have an upcoming session where masks are required and I actually plan to comply without issues, despite there potentially being many others in the area. But I plan on doing a few sessions in the area while I'm there. Gonna be a good time. Just gotta plan the appointments and session types out well so I'm not showing up to each one with any previous marks (no lasting marks is always preferred)