I have added up the amount I've spent on sessions over the year and then looked at what would have happened if I invested every $250 to $600 a session in something like crypto or stocks. I'd be financially better off, obviously. But I couldn't stop sessioning. It's hard to put away the excitement that comes from seeing a new domme for the first time, hearing the clicking of heels as the domme you scheduled with comes out at a house dungeon, other sounds you may hear at that house dungeon, the strapons, etc.

But the new vaccine requirements many dommes have may help end my addiction. If I can't session, then maybe it's not for me. I can produce a negative COVID-19 test, but not a legitimate vaccination status. But some dommes are okay with a vaccine card and don't require negative test results.

Me personally, someone who is symptom free is okay to session with. But if I had to choose between a vaccine card or a negative test result, I'd prefer sessioning with someone with a recent negative result. But common sense seems lacking these days.