This isn't 1883. Now, we have a homeless epidemic in this country. We cannot bring on more need. The families living under overpasses, in broken down vehicles, in homeless shelters where head lice is rampant need "Asylum." Often, they do not receive the same tax payer funded benefits that illegal crossers do. Don't you think American citizens living in such conditions "Want a better life for themselves?"

While digging for a video of a single mother talking about how difficult it is to live in a shelter where they have to leave every day and line up in hope they have a place that night, I found this. (She was doing all of this, by the way, while sending her kids to school and working)

But, look at this one, how does she have the money for braces and cigarettes? Look at those adorable, innocent babies. They don't deserve to be raised like that. We have need, right now, for people already here and many of them legal. Take a look at this video. We've got to fix this and these children from perpetuating the cycle. You can't overload a boat or it will sink. Pisses me off that we are sending such a tremendous amount of tax payer money to foreign countries and, in all of these years, they can't or won't take care of their own.