I am still on a high from my session with Domina Ara Lee yesterday and still very sore from the intense activities. Since my first session about two months ago it has been so extremely hard (no pun intended) not to think about her. If any of you had the chance to follow Her social media, then you may know of what I talk about. I did not have much input into this session because of my trust in my Queen that She will take me for the ride I crave and I can assure you I was not disappointed. Upon my arrival I was greeted by Domina Ara Lee in a killer black leather jacket and black leather gloves along with a very sexy leather pair of shorts and equally as sexy black thigh high stockings and thigh boots. Sexy red lipstick and a stare that I knew She meant business. To say I was on tilt is understatement.

I was secured very tightly into a pair of leather mittens and I was strapped into a chair. She teased by nipples and allowed me to take in all Her sadistic beauty before I was blindfolded and gagged. What happened next I have never experienced before in a session. I felt a pair of headphones being put over my ears and then it started. All I could do is stay put and feel the tightness of my bondage and listen to my Queen's very sexy voice tell me things that will happen to me and how I was now owned by Her. It was an incredible experience as her words/voice were so hypnotic and addicting saying things to make me melt and let go and get weaker and weaker. I was in a trance of euphoria. What a ride as I as floating on cloud.

Then it ended and I could hear the clicking of Her thigh high leather boots getting closer and closer and then I felt Her leather covered fingernails on my nipples. First light touches and gentle scratches and pinches and then intense pain as my Queen proceeded to tear up my nipples with Her razor sharp fingernails. I was on fire taking the pain for Her. Then She covered my mouth and nose with Her leather clad hands and She took my breath away as all I could do was smell Her leather as it became harder and harder to breath. It felt like time stood still.

My Queen then took off the blindfold and I was on such masochistic high and now I could see Her face and Her very sadistic grin. I was untied and moved to a table and put into a leather body bag and let's just say Domina Ara Lee proceeded to do whatever She wanted to do to me. I will not bore you with all the details, but She did make this masochist Suffer all sooooo good.

The mind fuck she gave me was awesome( how could someone know what buttons to push in 3 months of knowing me?) It was a great way to start my week off. When I got to my car and looked at my watch, we went over the allotted time and felt so lucky and blessed.

Whatever your BDSM desire may be, and you are in the LA area or going to visit check Her out and see for yourself.

You can DM me also.

IG: @dominaaralee
Twitter: @ dominaaralee

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