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The fact that blacks are disproportionately committing more crimes than whites needs to be addressed.

Yes that is a problem with many causes, some of which you allude to.

Black communities being used as pawns for voting bases needs to end.

Please provide some kind of proof for this "problem." One might argue that using ignorant and racist whites as "pawns for voting bases" should end.

I won't argue that ignorant whites are used as pawns for voting bases. But, see them as willful victims, like the kooky teacher that Ratamac posted about on MF. It is a far cry from an innocent child being born into a drug ridden, violent hell hole of poor education and poverty, which they had no choice in. As for racists being used as pawns, I've got to disagree. Not a lot of people have use for these people. Fortunately, racists make up a small part of this country's demographic. As far as offering proof of my opinion to that, keep in my I am expressing my views and observations. I'm not trying to prove to anyone that I am right and they are wrong.
But, you really think if a white man was running down the street naked, high on pcp, smashing windows, spitting on police officers, demanding their guns so he could kill everyone in his house, that things would have gone any differently?

Cops might kill him, too; but they are less likely to based on what can be observed.

You really think the police officers killed Prude? They followed protocol and were trying to get him to a hospital because he was endangering himself and others. Here is where we disagree, more blacks get themselves in this situation than whites. That is why more die or go to jail. That is the elephant in the room that no one wants to address, which I find horribly unfair to impoverished black communities.

Part of the issue is not providing the right resources for mental health -- Saint Ronnie did that by killing the budget for community mental health to finance his tax cuts -- or for cops to handle such cases.

I've long criticized Reagan for ending federal funding for state institutions. Last month, a friend and I were having this conservation. He suggested another side of the situation that Reagan's intention was to allow people who were involuntarily committed to have freedom to leave if desired. I have not revisited the details of this since that conversation. Here is an article on the subject. But, I'm not going to blindly defend Reagan because he was a conservative. Homelessness is an issue close to my heart. One of the leading causes of homelessness is mental illness. I fully believe that of all of the government waste of tax payer dollars, assistance for families who are unable to provide for mentally ill members, should have tax funded options. https://sites.psu.edu/psy533wheeler/2017...comment-page-1/