Although I wanted to write a review for the previous session.. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it, so I accepted to be with out words first time in my life.

This session was very special to me as almost on the precise date 2 years ago, Mistress Ultra Violet kicked a door wide open and changed my life forever.

A lot of things in the days and weeks prior to the session in my life were working against this session, but Mistress Ultra Violet values respect for Her time, growth and reliability, so I pulled through, knowing that my pain threshold will be lowered. I even managed to keep my promise of no limits, no safe-words.

I arrived at the typical parking position and got my first task, I was allowed to buy Mistress a bottle of Cava. To not waste time I asked the store personnel where to find the desired item. Moments later I was received at the door and handed over all gifts and was told to strip and come back.

The next 3 hours were among the best in my life.

At the beginning I was allowed to worship Mistress’s boots and legs again which I could do 24/7 for the rest of my life. Mistress wore Her playful Corset style boots again, which I love on Her a lot.

After that it was time for me to go on Her furniture of choice and get strapped down, anal plugged and warmed up with spankings from the warm but strong hand of Mistress.

Most of the 3 hours rushed by in a sweet blur of pain and due to my low tolerance a LOT of that, tears Her laughing, Her giggling, Her commenting the torture in a sadistic yet teasing fashion, Her having me stand against the cross, Her allowing me to worship Her wonderful boots and legs once more. I remember clamps being applied to my nipples and pulled off, I remember clamps being applied to my balls and slapped, pulled and caned off, I remember almost going nuts for things I normally can easily handle, I remember the joy in Her eyes and the tease in the voice when She looked at me and found me lying, crying and shaking. She even used Her lipstick to write “BITCH” on my back and Her Violet Wand to make it last for a bit. This makes me so grateful.

Finally She commanded me to lay on my back, towered over me with Her breath taking body and let Her golden sacred nectar run over me for the second time, since I know Her. While being commanded to jerk off, She watched me, dug Her heels in my nipples, making further remarks about them being so tiny, I was allow to lick Her golden nectar off Her boots, Her heels and in the end She let me kiss Her naked feet. And finally She allowed me to cum, if I could. Typically I am so far gone into subspace that cumming is impossible for me, but the relief and the erotic of this session made me cum hard this time. It was an amazing feeling, lying there covered in Her sacred nectar and have my cum join it.

When I arrived I was stressed out, tired, on the edge, when I left I was in deep sync with my inner self and absolutely thankful.

Over the past 2 years with interruptions Mistress Ultra Violet has been an inspiration to me, a motivation to work on myself to grow to be a better sub and ultimately to develop the trust needed to step away from limits and safe-words for Her.

Re-Birthday, because December 10th 2018 I was reborn to what and who I truly am in a session by Her hand. MUV, my Goddess; first, last and always.