Mistress Tissa’s name popped up three times in my autocorrect recently, so I think it’s time to share what happened in our last session.

The groundwork was probably laid a long time ago. I lurked on her Twitter page for a few weeks before contacting her. Beautiful. Check. Intelligent. Check. Independent with a dungeon. Check. Dominant-sounding posts. Check. So I reached out to her. Hornily. Awkwardly. Stupidly. That’s when I found out she wasn’t just writing “dominant tweets”. She really was who she seemed to be - confident, authentic, dominant, direct. I found myself suddenly apologizing, sitting up straight, and earnestly approaching her with humility and even more anticipation. She was...different. Once the tone was established, she agreed to see me.

Fast forward, after a quite in-depth pre-session interview and two, maybe three *incredible* sessions, I arrived again at Temenos, excited, but feeling much more familiar and prepared - until she opened the door, and I was once again in her commanding presence. Did she always tower over me by that much, or is it just something...about her? Why was I suddenly just as anxious and intimidated as *every other time*? Why is it her gaze is so powerful even when we’re talking about mundane matters? Anyway, the session soon began, and about three-quarters through, it - ended.

I later went back and counted. I think I’ve had 50+ sessions of various kinds, with about 30 dommes around the country. Great dommes. Double sessions. Quadruple domme sessions. Private. Houses. US. UK. Shopping list checkers, intuitive artists, and fuck-your-limits maniacs. I’ve drifted back and forth between traditional BDSM and wrestling beatdowns, in the best cases reaching that holy grail of Subspace. Ah, the path to subspace is so familiar...it comes on slowly, then faster, eventually achieving a nice steady buzzing crescendo which, after the session, fades away ever so slowly, transforming into an aching craving for more. If you encounter a domme who can take you there, treasure her, because that’s the mountaintop…right?

Back to the session. What’s most shocking about Mistress Tissa, beyond her beauty, confidence, presence, meticulous cleanliness & safety, and analytical insightfulness...is her ability to then just PUT IT ON YOU. It wasn’t just the pain. The bondage. Her eyes. The immersive surroundings. The humiliation. It was ALL OF THAT. And that she had turned it up, slowly, in varied and subtle ways, but steadily. I was a frog being boiled in water, and by the time I realized it, it was too late. I found my pulse racing, my mind racing, solidly in subspace, but not the steady buzz. I was being overwhelmed by her relentless and complete dominance, and then, like I said, everything just - stopped.

I think there was a scene in The Matrix when Neo and Morpheus were in a completely empty white space. Another way to describe it is…as if my mind and all of my senses had been turned down to 0. Which sounds terrifying, right? But it wasn’t. It seemed like the vacuum of space. Calm, comfortable stillness, and absolute peace. I remember a vague awareness that something had happened, and then a brief attempt to collect myself, but I couldn’t maintain any coherent threads of thought. And my body suddenly felt like lead, motivated only by Her Voice, which seemed to be coming from *inside* my head. I don’t remember what happened during it, and I don’t know how long it lasted…5 minutes? 15? What I do remember is the end of the session, having been commanded to kneel in front of her, and making a conscious effort to ”come back” as she was speaking my name. It felt like she was pulling me out of a hole. I remember her grinning as she saw I was fully back.

It took me an unusual amount of time before I contacted her with a post-session note of thanks. Sorry, but I was just...incapable. I was confused, in denial, in awe…I eventually even Googled it! It’s pretty clear now that I fell into a state of [hypnotic] trance, which is something neither of us had planned, or even realized was happening at that moment. It’s not like she was dangling a watch, or saying “you’re feeling sleepy...” LOL!

If you’d asked me beforehand, I would have confidently (and apparently ignorantly) told you “I’m probably not the type who could be hypnotized”. I’m still in mild disbelief, because that’s fully beyond my wildest, deepest fantasies. In fact, it’s a fantasy that I wouldn’t, in my right mind, attempt to pursue, as it would feel like a very heavy responsibility, an immeasurable vulnerability, and an unreasonably high expectation. But it happened. With her. Organically. And that exceeds any superlatives I could verbalize.

What’s most heartening is, I’ve looked upon that session with curiosity, awe, thankfulness, confusion…but never any fear. The Mistress is exquisitely professional, experienced, and a truly mindful person. Between her in-scene composure and her overall authenticity, I guess I knew before, during, and after, that I was in good hands.

Mistress Tissa is a whole Experience. An experience I haven’t had in far too long, but one who is profound enough that I swear she’s still lurking in my head somewhere.

Maybe that’s why my autocorrect keeps…”malfunctioning”?
Ever wonder why superheroes keep getting captured and tortured?