There were times I really couldn’t keep a straight face and I’d make a joke in my “me Tarzan, you Jane” voice and the Mistress would crack up and so would I. That usually resulted in a great stinging smack in the ass and we’d get on track.

Two different types of sessions I do recall. The first was with Mistress Persephone when she was based in NYC at the old Arena Blaze dungeon. I called late on a Friday night and she knew me. I got there at 11 pm for an hour session since they closed at midnight. At some point she shackled “Tarzan” and inadvertently tickled me. I jerked my arm and she recoiled, breaking one of her signature long fingernails. She was PISSED! After the session she took it in stride and said something like, “I didn’t know ‘Tarzan’ could be so ticklish.”

The second was with a female bodybuilder/domina. She is 6 feet in heels and was 200 lbs. Muscular but feminine. I’m 6 ft. 1 in and was around 225 or so. We were two big people for a role play “wrestling” session (one way, her dominating me), doing Tarzan and the Amazon Queen thing. It was a warm, muggy day in May. I called to confirm and she said, “I don’t know. The room is small and the A/C isn’t that good. Come back tonight.” I said I couldn’t so she saw me that afternoon. The room was tiny with one side of the bed against one wall and the other side had just enough room for a night table. We began and we were sweating profusely, sliding off of each other’s bodies and almost falling off the bed repeatedly with one of us grabbing the other to keep both of us on the bed. At the end we were just laughing and toweled each other off. She gave me a big hug and apologized but we agreed we had a unique, fun time.