I have never passed out while being whipped but I have passed out about 3 times in my life when thinking of some negative medical condition, even if it was a condition I did not have!

Part of the reason for the post is that I am reminded of 2 things:

I think one of the ladies who posts a maxfisch gave a guy a long whipping and he passed out during that


there is a video out in cyberspace when you search for extreme or severe whipping.

The team in Hungary or Rumania that does elite pain and has almost a dozen other websites has a clip that is about 5 minutes, though the stuff they sell and buy runs from 20 to 60 minutes I think.

Anyway, there is this woman restrained and she is being whipped and asks to stop and they do not.

She cries a little and says Why don't you or Why can't you understand?

A little bit later she goes out and the whipping team stops the whipping and releases her from her restrains and that is all we see.

There are people who obviously pass out while in breath control, suffocation and/or ass smothering and hand to mouth smothering.

There are lots of clips of that and there are clips of that from a ass smothering website called cplwresting, I think.

1/3 or 1/2 or so of the sessions, either girl girl or girl guy, end with the guy or losing girl going out.