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This is a great question. As someone who has a back the blue flag flying at my house, I will offer my feelings. Some cops are real jerks or just incompetent for the job. Not a lot of people would disagree that we need higher standards and better training. But, most of these people put their lives on the line every day for a job that doesn't pay so great. Most of them are really good, hard working people. The amount of disrespect they are getting is shameful. Defunding them or, as Biden puts it, "Redirecting" funds is absurd. This is a time when we should be putting more money into our police departments. My Back the Blue flag is flying because of the manner in which I see these hard working people being treated, most of whom are good people. Additionally, imagine facing prison if you rightfully defend your life against a criminal who were trying to, respectfully, apprehend.

Thanks, that is a good perspective. I am not wanting to be disrespectful to Police as some are hardworking, low paid, and absolutely do risk their lives, but.... I have never had them do anything good for me. It's been disgusting to see them murder people like Duncan Lemp in their sleep or that hotel shooting where a few cops humiliated and then shot a guy after making him and his gf crawl in the hallway.

I guess I used to have more respect for law enforcement and naivety when it came to interacting with them, but now I don't talk to Police. I refuse to assist. I remember living in an apartment community and a couple of them asked me to let them into the building so they could search for a guy who may have fled and hid in the complex. I did. Now, knowing what I know... I'd tell them to F off and get a warrant.

I just think that those of us who value freedom should be smart about supporting the Police after everything we saw them do. I mean, they arrested Shelly Luther and took away Mr. McCloskey's gun. And sure... these may be the policies of local officials and they're just carrying them out, but if the Police don't have the balls to tell those officials to f off and that behavior is wrong, then we should not support them at all.