Temptress Raven Eve Call Me Temptress!

I am a full time professional Dominatrix with dungeon locations in High Point, North Carolina and Dayton, Ohio. I have walked many paths in life, including 25 years in the corporate world. The experiences I’ve had, along with my natural dominant personality and being an empath, gives me the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

My ability to connect with My clients allows Me to provide a unique and personal experience for each individual client. I love verity and offer a long list of services including Fetish, Kink, Female Domination and BDSM. I am your ULTIMATE TEMPTATION…

Come explore the depths of your deepest, darkest, fantasies with Me: Let’s dance in the light of the Devils fire, as you bleed while our souls become one. Lose all that once was, for all that will be, to become all you want…. …Desire me… Breath me in…forget your lover…dance, as you watch my body by the fire. Inhale the smell of my sweet perfume. Your souls entranced, by the light of the moon. Life’s merging, into one’s embrace. Feel me…take over you…by the fires escape

Phone number: 937-999-1424

Email: TemptressRavenEve@gmail.com

Website: www.temptressraveneve.com
Mistress Ultra Violet

Owner & Operator of Atlanta Dungeon