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Jul 17
The US government has officially declared a war on the people, if that had not been made obvious through covid and the protests, I hope it is being made clear now with the FEDERAL TROOPS sweeping people up in Portland for protesting police brutality & murder.

A Mistress I follow posted the above statement on her twitter account. She resides in Portland, Oregon.

Are young Dommes alienating themselves from the middle class, middle age, men who pay their bills? I believe so. I don't believe many people who work all day earning the money to pay $300-$500 dollar session fees, agree with burning down people's businesses.

Depriving individuals of their livelihood by force has never been popular anywhere, at anytime.

I usually don't comment in these political boards but when I saw your post I felt compelled to do so.

We all run our businesses and lives in ways that reflect who we are and what is important to us.

I am one such Domme, though not young, who openly states my political views. I make no apologies for this. This IS who I am: an authentic Dominant, in the holistic sense, not merely an erotic performer to get men off.

Have I lost clients because of it? Possibly. Have I lost potential clients because of it? I'm sure I have. Do I care? I care more about the issues I speak about, and see them as vastly more important, such as human rights, than a small group of people who believe I should keep my mouth shut so I can have their occasional $1000.

Your belief appears to be that FemDoms should cater to your worldview, or at least keep quiet about things important to them. That you include "middle class, middle age, men who pay their bills" into your argument, strongly hints that there's misogyny in there. I definitely don't cater to misogynistic men. (By the way, you "middle class, middle age men" aren't the only people we see. We see many different kinds of people.)

Now, my view? I don't sell out for money. And pretending that I don't have passions and don't believe that it is my responsibility to help care for this world as a citizen of it, feels, to me, like selling out.

Effects of the pandemic aside, I do well. I'm a respected, high quality Domme. So I don't think that these posts are as damaging as you would like to believe. In fact, I have had people explicitly say they wanted to session with me *because* of the things I say; that they agree with me and appreciate my willingness to be honest and real. And, really, this is exactly the kind of clientele that I would most like to have.

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