Lady Sophia Chase, Mistress Alexandra Sadista and I have come together to create a fundraiser for Mistress Simone's Chicago Dungeon.

As dommes we are able to pivot our income streams in these times but unfortunately the spaces we love do not have the same options. 4 walls can't move online so while they sit empty the rent still comes due and there is no income to pay it.

Please donate if you can, any amount is appreciated. You can visit the fundraiser for full details here: Chicago Studio fundraiser

I will also be teaching a Humiliation 101 class and donating all of the proceeds to the The Chicago Studio!

This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about humiliation and degradation play. All genders, sexual preferences, BDSM orientations and relationship dynamics (singles included) are welcome. We will be discussing adult and taboo topics so you must be at least 18 years old to attend.

Here are some of the things we will cover in this class:

-What is humiliation? Degradation?
-Why does someone want to be humiliated or humiliate?
-How to talk to your partner(s) about bringing in humiliation play.
-How to degrade with affection.
-Taboo scenes and humiliation as edge play
-30 min Q&A

I am a professional Dominatrix in NYC who has specialized in humiliation and degradation for over a decade. I've taught at a variety of events/venues across the US over the years and began teaching online this spring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

100% of the proceeds from this class will be donated to the legendary Mistress Simone to benefit her Studio Chicago. Having to close the doors of her magnificent space during the last 4 months to protect the health and safety of those who meet their community there has been difficult. The studio income has completely stopped but the rent and bills are still due.

These tickets are good for the live show, the replay and you will receive info to download the class. You do not need to attend the live class to get these things.

Admission is $10.

If you would like to donate more or just want to donate, you can visit the fundraiser for the Studio Chicago.

This class will take place on CrowdCast. There is nothing to download or sign up for if you don't want. The download will be available from

You will receive a confirmation email from CrowdCast within 24 hrs of purchasing your ticket (I do it manually so some orders come in while I'm busy or asleep, sorry). Then you will get a reminders from me with 24 hrs before and 1 hr before. Both reminders will include the password. You will receive one final reminder from crowdcast 10 minutes before class.

I hope you can join in! Please tell your friends!

Humiliation: Making Fun and Making it Sexy!

-Elena De Luca