As part of the devoted "we LOVE Mistress Ayn choir" let me join this cheer. A mistress who is up close, in my face, and personal, understands the element of "power exchange" and how to control and dominate me, which is no easy task, as Mistress Ayn would attest, since i spend most of my vanilla life being in control.

Yet, let me also add, when Mistress Ayn is up close and personal She also is really, really, really good at getting into my head and knowing how to mindfuck me. Dominance - submission is really as much, if not more, mental than it is physical. Although i have come to yearn for a good whipping or canning at the hands of Mistress Ayn or one of the Ladies at the FemDom Mansion.
Mistress Ayn's slaveboy (formerly slave boy jaime)