This is a tough one and my advice is to go with your gut. My first thought was that she knows you well and is just trying to get you to another level. I mean you are already involved with your Mistress and her boyfriend on sexual level so this is a further step. But it’s a big step at least in your mind which is what counts. I don’t know your personal circumstances to make any kind of recommendation. I think your level of trust in her is important. I also think what your kink is is also important. Are you into degradation? Maybe she senses this and is giving you what she thinks you want. One of the traits of a great Domme is to read you and take you places you want to go but don’t realise it yet. I love that feeling of being torn between excitement and fear. Maybe she senses this about you and is trying to give it to you.

Or maybe as Junglebeast said it’s all about her and her boyfriend which kind of leads me back to are you looking for degradation. This is a very tough call and it’s also wrapped up in how you feel about her and the experience you’ve had with her already. I’d say think hard and go with your gut.
And still trying to figure it all out.................. buffalo