I found a copy of the old book online


When I was a teenager I used to do the marching in place exercise for 20 min while starring at a clock radio playing a radio station. Now it is 5 min, a clock app, and Pandora on my computer. The first week my hip muscles BURNED and I had to stop several times. Now I am getting through the 5 min with no burning. I think in another week or two I can begin increasing my time. I saw a PT last year who told me one of my imbalances were weak hip muscles. The resurrected HeavyHands seems to be fixing that. I feel much better. I think I might try to keep up the marching in place even when the gyms become safe again.

I feel the same way about the news that you do. If it wasn't for reading about how T, his minions, and the pandemic I would likely be happy. Otherwise it feels like the country is under siege.

People on the Internet forums are exaggerating when they say masks are only to protect others.

You can do a few things yourself to boost the effectiveness of homemade masks in keeping COVID19 out:



My once a week shopping trip is keeping me sane.

However, there are some incredible delivery options in my area. You should look into similar things in your area.

I'm still hoping to settle down enough to get back into deep reading.