Lady Velvet and Sorceress Morgana Limited Sessions May 25-26!

Lady Velvet and Sorceress Morgana, two of Florida's most beautiful Dommes will be visiting the world famous atlanta Dungeon, February 14th - 17th. They will be available for both single and double sessions.

Sorceress Morgana - Foot fetish model and Dominatrix available through Florida. My silky soft and wide size 10s will captivate you but don't be fooled, my feet are the only soft part of me. I am a sadistic Domme who will remind you where you belong and because of that you will keep coming back for more. Indulge your dark desires and let me train you to let go and become your real self.

Lady Velvet - Fetish/ alternative model and Dominatrix known as Lady Velvet (based in Florida) but you shall call me master. I am an exotic heavily tattooed female to say the least, extremely pleasing to the eyes. Let yourself fall under my trance, putting you in a blissful stage where your mind, body, and soul, belongs to ME fully, in the moment. Worship my beautiful 6 1/2 silky soles and obey my commands. I'll have you craving my company and friendship by the end of our session.

Your suffering is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.