Yes, I know an unusual way to start a session’s review but “WOW” it is just the perfect word to describe my entire session with Mistress Ultra Violet last Friday. We started as usual, greetings, took my clothes out, put service collar on and then she told me to kiss her perfect legs all the way up to her ass and then all the way down until I have covered every single inch of the heel.

As a good pony, I took her to the cross where she immobilized me… at that point three things happened:

1. A combination of feelings started to show up… excitement (what was coming? This was my first time on the cross), fear (of the unknown I guess) and frustration (I was wearing a chastity device for my third day in a row, so my mind was already set to erection = pain)
2. I ended up with 1 tweezer on each nipple.
3. The flogging started. MUV is just amazing in this, it was almost impossible for me to prepare for the next hit. Sometimes she will strike hard, like 3 or 4 times in a row, then a soft one, then hard again, no way to predict what was coming. It was just incredible.

That experience was just awesome. The combination of feelings that I had at that point was incredible… I was excited (getting flogged by an amazing beautiful woman), frustrated (can’t have a full erection) and in pain (because of the flogging and the chastity device). Nobody has made me feel that way ever, MUV is just a true artist.

In order to spice things up a bit, MUV removed the tweezers from my nipples wearing some kind of gloves with spikes in the inner side, that was painful. I did not see that coming.

Back in the floor (where I belong when MUV is around) she ordered me to kiss her legs and feet again, but I was not prepared for what was coming. She told me to lay on my back (On my mind was “Yes, trampling… just where I belong, underneath MUV’s perfect feet) and wait for her. She came back with plastic wrap and started wrapping me all up, so I could not move a muscle.

I was right, it was trampling time, first with heels and then barefoot (I just love her feet). Be under MUV’s feet turns me on fast, but the chastity device man. It was painful to get an erection (but screw it), I got it anyways. There I was, with a beautiful woman using me as a carpet in an incredible pain because of the erection, long story short, I was in paradise.

The next part of the session, I was definitely not prepared for that. She got something like a vibrator (or that was what I though) until she put it close to me and started giving me electricity. Oh crap my balls, I do not have enough words to describe that experience, maybe just one WOW.

The last part of our session (maybe the most extreme thing I have done with MUV so far) was coming up, she used a device to keep my mouth open, spitted into my mouth, and started pushing in her perfect foot down my mouth as far as it could go. After that, she ordered me to stick my tongue out and lick her perfect sole, toes, everything. At some point, my tongue was getting dried and she spitted into my mouth to solve the problem. She took her heels, stuck both spikes in my mouth (wide open because of the device), turned on a vibrator, put it close to my balls (still in the chastity device) and started a heavy barefoot trampling.

There I was, mouth wide open (very painful, think some tears came out), immobilized, with a vibrator on my balls and with a beautiful goddess on top of me. I could not have dreamed of something like that even if I tried, it was just (like I said at the beginning) WOW.

To finish our session, MUV removed the chastity device, placed the vibrator close to my balls and started a hard-barefoot ball crushing…. Again, just WOW. After that, she put the chastity device back on, liberated me from the plastic wrap and told me to put my clothes on.

So far, this has been one of the best experience I have ever had in my entire life. It was just a 1-hour session. I just keep wondering how far she could take me if we do a 3-4 hour (maybe more) session long.

Mistress Ultra Violet, you are the best. I am so honored that you gave me the opportunity to serve you. I can’t wait until our next session, with luck in a month.