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#15932 - 09/24/21 10:36 PM Mistress Blaze
Bladezeus Online   content

Registered: 02/21/19
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After contacting Miss Blaze to request session, I waited till day of for further instructions before leaving for session. That am, she contacted me noting specific instructions, including new location. That was exciting, as I've served Miss Blaze in past, but never where some recent shots seemed to come from.
So, making the journey, travelling down a LONG road, in middle of literally not much is her site. She's still working on it, but it's close to being something special for longer sessions and a variety of play.
Upon arrive, I was directed to remove clothes, promptly hooded in latex and leashed (yep, around my privates). Being paraded around is in some ways degrading, but yet, I readily obeyed, as she tugged me along at her whim.
Before we went "deeper" she asked me about "hard limits" and at this point my only response was that I trusted her to try things at her pleasure, as I was aware of our "SAFE" words.
I was quickly placed in latex straitjacket and toyed with for what seemed a long time before being secured to table. Suffice to say a LOT of "things" happened at this point, the "sound" of things got more intense than I've previously experienced, and while enjoyable, it was new, and saw my eyes. That said, she PUSHED, not in bad way. We explored some more aggressive CBT, but I honestly know she took it easy, as I saw several "devices" that could make a grown man crawl and cry.

A little later, after done toying with me mentally and physically on table, she removed straitjacket and proceeded to put clothes pins on my legs from above knees, to cock, to other leg. She toyed with me for a while, suggesting she wasn't sure if she wanted to slowly remove the clothespins, or rip them off. She told me her story of band aides and how that was how she did things, just RIPPED them off...I told her, "if it pleases you" please do that. A sub should chose their words wisely, as she proceeded to rip some 40ish clothespins off my legs and ball area all at once, causing an incredibly intense pain that I can't recall EVER feeling in sessions. I've still got "mosquito" bites from the pins on my legs today, but I'd bow down to allow her to double it in all likelihood.
From here she moved me to spanking bench, but it was a bit larger/longer than feasible for my frame, so she secured my across it. She proceeded to blast my behind with several devices, including whips, paddles, and device that left a TON of B's on my ass, with raised welts. Several are still showing well over 24 hours later. I'm not sure if this was more intense than the upcoming bastinado to my feet, but my feet too are still sore. From there, secured to bench she abuse me in other ways, before moving me to table for additional abuses.

I honestly was toast at this point, with no clue of what was coming, but unable to resist, nor wanting to. She had previously advised that she wasn't done with zippers, and had plans for my nips and chest. She secured a ton of clips to my chest, and nips, again suggesting possibly slowly removing, then RIPPED them off. I can't honestly say i've ever experienced a great rush of pain/powerlessness as being restrained and having this done. But it's intense submission, and a push. At this point, i was literally shivering, and I can't say if I was cold from earlier latex, in fear, KNOWING I would not say NO, or just cold, as the feelings were at this point mixed, but what can you do, when restrained down to table with a GODDESS hovering over you? You can say "RED" or "Orange" but I know I wasn't "RED" and was OK pushing the "orange" but never close, and she know it
From there, she continued to toy with me, using my longer hair as a weapon against me, pulling it back while toying with me, and using me more. Ultimately, she allowed me to relieve self "at a PRICE" that was to be expected.

Afterwards, she care for me and completed sound "aftercare" and we discussed her pending vacation and next sessions, which, if she allows are inevitable, as well as thinking of what could be 1 of my DREAM sessions with 2 Dommes, Miss Blaze and Mistress UV), damn, I'm not sure I'd survive that, having willfully served each and determined no others have come close to either.
I left after ensuring she was safe alone, and headed home.

What's next, not sure, she tore me up in a good way, pushed me, likely will expand on that next time. Who knows more zips (incredibly intense when restrained), needles, more CBT, or gosh knows what. Can I really resist?
The selfish side of me wishes to NOT post this, as it could keep me from a session, but Miss Blaze is 1 of a kind and I willfully serve her

#15964 - 09/30/21 11:57 AM Re: Mistress Blaze [Re: Bladezeus]
subrobert Online   content

Registered: 09/03/21
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Mistress Blaze is an attractive energetic vibrant professional dominatrix ... even compassionate when she needs to be. Her well equipped dungeon coupled with music in the background and her professional (OK hot!) outfits all combine to make for a wonderful experience.If you've ever thought of seeing a professional dominatrix but were a bit hesitant, Mistress Blaze is the consummate professional to help guide you on your journey into the world of bdsm. She always goes out of her way to give you a wonderful session. You may leave a bit sore, but very very happy!


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