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#15916 - 09/21/21 07:40 PM Mistress Ayn of Atlanta
rob_aka_elf Online   content

Registered: 09/21/21
Posts: 5
Loc: Georgia, US

A session with Mistress Ayn is difficult to capture with words. The experience and feelings run deeper than words can describe. i have been seeing Mistress Ayn for a couple years and every session feels as new as the first time we met. The last session was a date with a dominatrix; play followed by dinner.

Arriving at Atlanta dungeon dressed for dinner was surreal. I felt like a fly about to be caught in a web. After calling to announce my arrival, the door opened and with a disarming smile Mistress Ayn said, “come in”. I was sent to disrobe, removing all the trappings that the world sees, then i stood before her stripped of any status with only my submission to offer.

1. All of us have our kinks. One of mine is the cross and whipping. There is something about Mistress Ayn that makes a sub want to push past limits to give the only thing you can . . .submission. Mistress Ayn is wickedly accurate with a whip, after a good warm up on my back i was reminded just how accurate.

2. Next came the rack. Cuffed to the rack it wasn’t my body being stretched this time. It was my balls. I could hear the clicking of gears as Mistress Ayn, looking down on me, turned the handle. Then came the sensation of a wartenburg wheel running over every imaginable tender part of me. Next was something I have learned to love and hate . . . estim. A pad was placed on my balls and a metal cap on my cock. At low levels it was pleasurable. At higher levels it was true CBT. She loves running the gamut. When a moments rest from the estim came it was replaced by some cock whipping.

3. The spanking bench. A stinging warm up with bare hands (she has bad ass hands) and moving consistently up with implements until the familiar swish of a cane sliced through the air. i was informed it was just the warm up cane. It definitely warmed me up. Then she gave a lesson in European vs. American caning with a larger cane, of course.

Mistress Ayn is a true Femdom artesian: unscripted, intuitively knowing you better than you know yourself. Trust is a process and it's something given, not taken. She has mine, thank You Mistress

◦ elf

#15917 - 09/21/21 09:46 PM Re: Mistress Ayn of Atlanta [Re: rob_aka_elf]
AspX Online   content

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 966
Loc: Detroit
Great review Elf... Perfectly sums up the ecstacy of being under Mistress Ayn's control.

#15918 - 09/21/21 09:52 PM Re: Mistress Ayn of Atlanta [Re: rob_aka_elf]
zxpTcEtc Online   content

Registered: 09/09/21
Posts: 2
Nice review, thanks for sharing. Sooner or later I'm going to get a double with Mistress Ayn and Goddess Samantha....I'm not scared lol.

#15922 - 09/23/21 12:12 AM Re: Mistress Ayn of Atlanta [Re: AspX]
rob_aka_elf Online   content

Registered: 09/21/21
Posts: 5
Loc: Georgia, US
Thanks asp, Mistress Ayn is truly one of a kind. I’m just wishing not to have waited so long meeting Her.

#15923 - 09/23/21 12:16 AM Re: Mistress Ayn of Atlanta [Re: zxpTcEtc]
rob_aka_elf Online   content

Registered: 09/21/21
Posts: 5
Loc: Georgia, US
Sure your not lol, a Mistress and a Goddess working you over.it’s the stuff of dreams!

#15926 - 09/23/21 04:11 PM Re: Mistress Ayn of Atlanta [Re: rob_aka_elf]
John Online   content

Registered: 10/26/15
Posts: 26
Loc: Georgia
Ha Ha, saying "I'm not scared" is just like a challenge to Mistress Ayn and Goddess Samantha.

#15927 - 09/23/21 07:54 PM Re: Mistress Ayn of Atlanta [Re: John]
rob_aka_elf Online   content

Registered: 09/21/21
Posts: 5
Loc: Georgia, US
Completely understand, Mistress Ayn had me shaking like a leaf.may have left that part out..... : )

#16001 - 10/08/21 08:22 PM Re: Mistress Ayn of Atlanta [Re: zxpTcEtc]
Mistress Ayn Online   content


Registered: 10/13/15
Posts: 1157
Loc: Atlanta, GA
Maybe you should be . . . dare you.
Making grown men cry . . . and loving every minute of it.

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