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#15791 - 08/29/21 09:56 PM Mistress Elena De Luca - Transcendental
zeta Online   content

Registered: 08/29/21
Posts: 3

This review is from a 7hr session with Ms. Elena De Luca. I've been doing sessions with various doms for years, and for every of those experiences I research every dom thoroughly, as I am after a deep experience on multiple levels, it's not about the looks or even just the activities, but the dynamic and psychological aspect is key for me. Having said that, Ms. De Luca is absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous as you can see from her website and clips and such. I knew she is also an educator and producer, and from her interviews, it was clear she was an absolute expert.

BDSM is very complex, it's possible to be very knowledgeable in it but not a great practitioner, because it also takes creativity to chart out varied sessions, a mastery of reading people like a book to understand the state of the sub, confidence to push a sub to uncharted territory and many more things. I tend to do analysis of what happened after and before a session after I'm cooled off, what I realized is that Ms. De Luca is an absolute expert in every possible angle. I always read here and maxfisch, but never had an account, but this experience was so otherworldly that I just had to make one to write this review.

First Contact

Despite doing this many times, I still get super-nervous and stressed every time. For anyone else like that, or anyone whose actually thinking of trying BDSM for the first time: don't panic, and don't be intimidated by clips of her, she is very considerate and the best person to guide you to try this. For the pro-players, I think they'd already know how amazing she is, and if it's intensity you are after, she will blow your mind. Also, another signal that she is very passionate about this, is that she has favorable terms for longer sessions, and she does not get bored doing this, after a 7 hr journey with her, trust me on this smile

The Session

Activities we'd planned on was light spanks/ mild cbt/ nipple-play/ facesitting/ foot-dom/ & forcing me to drink her golden. Few steps before getting there I saw this & the excitement level surged:

Right after I arrived she had a short chat with me, and she was so awesomely kind [yes, the very same person that can take people to hell and back, can also be kind! she tunes her demeanor to you, you won't do the 2way travel to hell if you do not want to] and put every worry I had in my mind to rest, I was suddenly at the right mindset despite having shaky knees while taking the last steps to the venue. Let's skip the "side" details, they were all great (offered water/snacks/showers/the venue itself/etc).

The concept of building up the intensity is a known thing. But she does it so sooo masterfully. So masterfully that you might not even realize how far you've come. It started with footdom, slightly started playing with my nips, and I was ensnared into her aura, deeper and deeper, she doesn't just leave you out in the cold, she talks with you [you just love to hear her or see her smile, honestly she is _that_ good] and maintains communication. I was then put through multiple positions, and I was literally grunting and at the same time begging for more. I also realized that when she smiles you'd better be ready to hurt smile She was clearly enjoying it, I've never seen anyone be more natural. I realize it's hard to just go through the session sequentially, it's a thing you really have to experience, when I try to go over it, it doesn't come to mind as a sequence of events, rather it's a unitary experience. There are scenes flashing by, of her smile, feeling her weight pinning me down as my nips were aching in her grip, her hands pinching my nose to make me open my mouth as I tried to avoid the drink feeling so helpless (another thing I really wanted to feel), she always picked the right words to get the effect she wanted on me, I usually can't admire a dom at the heat of things, I'm busy grunting or begging etc. and my mind is just so busy, but this time I did, I was so blown away by her expertise that I literally had to forget the grunting for a moment and say it smile

Anyway, there was spanks, cbt, all happened so nicely. And another thing is that I ask to be forced to drink the golden, because I absolutely don't like the taste/smell and will resist it, for me it's a great avenue to explore CNC without getting hurt, and it does take some sadism and confidence, specially in the 1st session to put the sub through this. And she did it, she did it and I still don't know how it even happened. If it is mindfucks you are after, well she is all about that.

I am SO grateful for having had the chance to meet her. It was one of those life experiences you never forget, she is _amazing_. I made this account and wrote this up as I felt compelled as a public good to let people know, because I could've had this amazing experience way back in 2019 when I hesitated and then the pandemic happened and it hurts so much that I didn't get to do this earlier! So think of this as yourself traveling through time, and telling you to not hesitate and don't lose this chance: https://nydominatrix.com/

P.S. I SO wish she would push me much further next time. I did not drink every drop this time frown

Edited by zeta (08/29/21 10:00 PM)

#15792 - 08/29/21 10:00 PM Re: Mistress Elena De Luca - Transcendental [Re: zeta]
Nomasks Online   content

Registered: 08/01/21
Posts: 60
Damn, that is great that you had a good session with her. I've seen videos of her and always thought she would be fun to session with. Has a great look to her.

I always like when you meet a domme and it's a very friendly, relaxed, pleasant introduction and confirmation of things prior to the session. I like when the dynamic shifts and then they're in control and domme mode as opposed to when a domme tries to play the role the entire time from the moment you walk in. Just my preference.

How did the piss taste?

#15793 - 08/29/21 10:06 PM Re: Mistress Elena De Luca - Transcendental [Re: Nomasks]
zeta Online   content

Registered: 08/29/21
Posts: 3
Yes, and I was really surprised that someone can have such a range because she can also be extremely cruel and strict, but that's the thing, both first-timers and veteran hell-travelers can indulge.

Let's just say, it tasted "great" and that I did not cry wink

#15795 - 08/30/21 05:12 PM Re: Mistress Elena De Luca - Transcendental [Re: zeta]
ElenaDeLuca Online   content

Registered: 10/13/15
Posts: 184
Loc: New York, NY
I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

As I told you in the consultation, the more comfortable I can make, the further I can push you. I want all your pain to be deliberate.

I am looking forward to our next session!
-Elena De Luca

#15800 - 09/01/21 10:00 AM Re: Mistress Elena De Luca - Transcendental [Re: zeta]
Subwire Offline

Registered: 08/07/21
Posts: 2
Great review--thanks for sharing it.

#15838 - 09/10/21 09:23 AM Re: Mistress Elena De Luca - Transcendental [Re: zeta]
housestrict Online   content

Registered: 09/06/21
Posts: 1
Sounds wonderful. I can’t wait for my session next week 😍

#15865 - 09/14/21 04:44 AM Re: Mistress Elena De Luca - Transcendental [Re: zeta]
TedBCruisin Online   content

Registered: 03/31/21
Posts: 146
Congrats on what sounds like a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

#15886 - 09/18/21 02:06 AM Re: Mistress Elena De Luca - Transcendental [Re: zeta]
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 331
What a great review and what infectious enthusiasm! There are not many times in life that you can make such a great connection. I wish you a long happy relation!


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