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#15165 - 07/03/21 12:30 PM Mistrix Violetta NYC
HrT Offline

Registered: 07/03/21
Posts: 1
I just had my 3rd session with Mistrix Violetta (Pandora’s NYC) and thought I should pass on how good this new to NY Domme is. She is a seriously impressive mistress. She is very smart and is a master at using psychology in her play to control you. She probes you to understand your minds dark recesses and then uses her new found information to create a web of your weaknesses. She doesn’t need to use high protocol or act harsh or domineering to control you, she does it with a laugh, a smile and a determination to get her way that leaves you no doubt as to who is running the show …. and it’s not you. She has a beautifully mischievous style of play as she smilingly tests the edges of your boundaries and entertains herself with you as her toy. She creates a beautiful web to capture you and there is no question she will do as she wishes. There is no topping from the bottom, she is the sessions director, you the puppet. This dynamic allows you to stop thinking and become immersed in the session. Time stops and you just experience the feelings and sensations of the moment as she takes you a journey of her choosing. To me that is the ultimate for a session. Violeta truly plays at the top of the game. Highly recommend!

#15171 - 07/05/21 09:22 AM Re: Mistrix Violetta NYC [Re: HrT]
ScoobyBelfast Offline

Registered: 12/12/20
Posts: 281
Thank you for posting this. What is the overall experience like at Pandora's Box? Someone posted that there is a secretary and the beginning of the session process is formal. I like the idea of that. Is this how it goes? If you are so inclined, I'd love a walk through. I may have to get out that way.

#15212 - 07/09/21 09:26 PM Re: Mistrix Violetta NYC [Re: ScoobyBelfast]
Mistrix Violeta Offline

Registered: 11/22/20
Posts: 11
Loc: New York City
Thank you, dear HrT. Your kind words are appreciated. blush

Also Scooby, the process of booking at Pandora's goes like this:

  • First check out the mistresses on the website, keep a few back-ups in mind because some mistresses may not be available the week you want to book. Click here to check out the mistresses.
  • Call their phone number: (212) 242-4577
  • Talk to the manager. Be ready with the following info: Mistress you want to see | exact date and time | room preference (optional) | interests (optional, but it's good to mention just in case the mistress you chose doesn't provide what you're asking for).
  • Have at least a $60 tip ready if you're booking for an hour. Depending on what you ask for and the Mistress, She may require a bit more (for example, I require a $100 tip for all medical fetish sessions because of the preparation, care, and skill that goes into it, as well the risk that comes with exposure to fluids). Not tipping is a huge faux pas and can put you in bad standing with the Mistress.
  • Once you arrive, you will be taken to a consultation room, and you will speak with the mistress about what will go on in the session, limits, etc.
  • After you talk, you settle the payment with the manager and will be led into the room of your or the mistress's preference.
  • And finally, experience ultimate bliss! grin

Edited by Mistrix Violeta (07/10/21 09:52 PM)

#15237 - 07/12/21 10:59 AM Re: Mistrix Violetta NYC [Re: ScoobyBelfast]
NaughtyNickB Offline

Registered: 07/09/21
Posts: 7
I visited PB just last week. The booking process was very smooth. The secretary who answers the phone is very professional, but also casual, which helped put me at ease.

I wasn't able to find a calendar on PB's website, but the secretary was able to rattle off, right away, the list of doms who would be available during the timeframe I wanted.

My only complaint is that I think the dom's tribute should be baked into the session cost. I was kind of surprised at how much less PB was asking versus indy doms, but luckily, I had enough extra cash on me to tip my dom before I left. I would have been mortified if I didn't have anything to give her.

Overall, I think PB is on the up-swing. I visited them many years ago and had the worst session experience of my life, but I'm really glad I gave them another chance.

#15297 - 07/15/21 09:41 PM Re: Mistrix Violetta NYC [Re: NaughtyNickB]
ScoobyBelfast Offline

Registered: 12/12/20
Posts: 281
Thanks, man. My girlfriend and I may check PB's out before the end of the year. We've had 3 sessions with private Mistresses in their own dungeons. It didn't cross our minds to tip. Is it expected everywhere? I don't mind. But when I'm paying $350. to $400. an hour I just thought it was inclusive. I don't want to be the cheap bastard that isn't tipping.

#15302 - 07/16/21 09:51 PM Re: Mistrix Violetta NYC [Re: ScoobyBelfast]
furfan Online   content

Registered: 01/20/21
Posts: 92
Originally Posted By ScoobyBelfast
Thanks, man. My girlfriend and I may check PB's out before the end of the year. We've had 3 sessions with private Mistresses in their own dungeons. It didn't cross our minds to tip. Is it expected everywhere? I don't mind. But when I'm paying $350. to $400. an hour I just thought it was inclusive. I don't want to be the cheap bastard that isn't tipping.

I was always under the impression tipping was more a thing for commercial dungeons

. I have never felt the need to tip with an independent Domme who has her own playspace. They set their own fees and that is that. sometimes I have sent something from their wish list afterwards if they have one

#15304 - 07/17/21 04:52 AM Re: Mistrix Violetta NYC [Re: furfan]
AspX Online   content

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 965
Loc: Detroit
Originally Posted By furfan

I was always under the impression tipping was more a thing for commercial dungeons

I agree with furfan about a place like Pandora's Box (which I would never visit because of their requirements for personal info & how much they record you while on their premises). But, I consider them to be a "house style" dungeon rather than a commercial one.

I do always tip if it is a "house style" dungeon where the Dommes work shifts & there are lower rates. The amount I tip is whatever it takes to be in line with what I consider to be the normal rate I would pay for an independent session. However, I will not tip past that amount.

For Independent Dommes who I book directly with (regardless of whether the session is in a commercial or private dungeon & how much they choose to charge), I pay the agreed upon rate & do not tip.

The difference is that an Independent Domme sets their rate partially based on their business expenses, including the hourly rate for a dungeon rental or the costs of maintaining their own. Whereas a "House Domme" generally charges the Dungeon's rates and gets a much lower cut of the session fee (because the dungeon is also taking care of the pain of booking, advertising, dungeon maintenance, etc...).

These are my personal rules and I respect others who choose to work differently. However, since Scooby expressed surprise about the idea of tipping, I thought I would weigh in with when or when not to tip in my opinion. In addition, I always do bring a small gift (or gifts) of appreciation to a session but that is never cash and has nothing to do with the business arrangement between the Domme and myself.



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