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#15107 - 06/28/21 10:20 PM Mistress Blaze recent session
Bladezeus Online   content

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I posted on Max, but it's in death mode, so posting here.
Recently had 4th session with Mistress Blaze. In all honesty, maybe she should consider Goddess. Sessions always raise my anxiety, as even if it's someone you've seen before, each day is a new dawn. So...

I followed instructions, texting 10 minutes prior, only to be advised she was running late. She had previously noted a vanilla event taking place, but made time for me. So, I arrived as directed, some 15 minutes late per her instructions, parking as directed, to see a group of people partying in yard. I followed staircase upstairs, and greeted Mistress, and my jaw about dropped. Latex pants, heels and a gorgeous top. Of course, this was all lost, as I realized tribute was sitting in my car. So, just as expected, she directed me to go get the tribute, which mean going back through the small group to my car, speaking with everyone, who are scene friendly, but raises that mindset.

I did present a bottle of Monkey 47, along with a nice latex straitjacket, hopefully to be used in future on me, but made clear no expectations, as I know she plans her sessions ahead of time. I felt this was needed, given I AM that "BRAT" she's referenced in prior tweets that doesn't listen well at times.

She directed me to bathroom, removed clothes and arrived to submit. She essentially made clear at least part of session would be me being restrained and accounting for my prior brat behavior, while absorbing a ginger root. She whispered that my choice was to clinch when whipped, which activated the ginger, or to relax. By the time she was done, I'm honestly not sure what I was doing, but it burned, both internally due to ginger, and externally due to the whips, while restrained. Pretty sure THIS was the day she decided she'd no longer tolerate my wiggles and whining, and restraints were much more secure, and movement was more restricted. That's OK, because I do feel she knows I wanted that, or thought i did, at least. In addition to this, she made UNIGUE use of MACHINE typically used for other end, and attached nipple claps to it, creating intense pain on my nipples, pulling them and stretching, almost feeling like they were going to fall off. If not for the beatings, and ginger, not sure where I'd have gone with those, but very clear, she had this part of session well thought out. Tight restraint, ginger, and clamps...

After spending time there, she decided my butt had been bruised enough externally, so she moved me to St Andrews Cross, secured my hands behind my back again, then looped around tightening things, and making it impossible to escape and I had very little free movement of arms, and of course she secured my legs to cross as well. She attacked blindfold, to heighten sensation, and added nipple clamps again, before she started exploring my balls. I honestly can't say how much weight she attached, but between whispers and laughs, she complimented my efforts, and even noted I may have earned reward, even after my historical brat behaviors of past.

From there, she moved me to medical bench, where she literally had her way with me in so many ways, but NOT before again recognizing that I needed to be tightly secured to table, with restricted movements or my arms. I'm a HEAVY metal nut, so her cranking up the Zombie, NIN and other such groups just played to my subspace mind. Nipple clamps, venus, and large objects all had their moments at Mistress Blaze's direction. Near end, was incredible, as still adorned in latex, she stepped over and sat on my face, talking to me about expectations an failures. NOT all of my hopes were realized, as the zipper was SO SO close, but so far from desires. she allowed me to please myself, but I am left to wonder, WHAT if I had been able to hold?

Afterwards, we chatted, and she did what I really appreciate, brought me down, talked to me outside of SUB/DOMME mode and as a human, that was their for reasons, and we chatted about summer, college, future and beyond.

Mistress Blaze is unique, special, hot, caring, vicious...she's dealing with a brat, that may push to see, and she punishes and rewards as required, but then leaves that after session, ensures AFTERCARE and even follows up to ensure safe with an email, which I greatly appreciate.

Today, I'm still recovering from bruises on my butt, 3 days later, and my nipples are still tender to the touch. IF she'll allow, I want to serve again, and after walking through the vanilla to serve, I'm opened up to trusting her like few Dommes I've ever been with. What's next, well ask Mistress Blaze..

Thank you Mistress Blaze, and hope you allow me to serve you again,

#15117 - 06/29/21 10:26 PM Re: Mistress Blaze recent session [Re: Bladezeus]
Luigi77 Offline

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Excellent review! Thanks for sharing your experience, Mistress Blaze is a wonderful session opportunity for anyone in the Raleigh area. I can’t wait to see Her again!


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