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#15078 - 06/26/21 04:52 AM Mistress Blaze Ballbusting in Raleigh NC
Luigi77 Offline

Registered: 06/09/17
Posts: 6
W/we met in a private dungeon just South of Raleigh and She was in Command from the moment i walked through the door. Smart is sexy, and Mistress Blaze was two steps ahead of me the whole 2 hour session. Between stern warnings and whispers She controlled me mentally and physically dominated me.
Stunningly beautiful She took my breath away, then sat on my face and literally took my breath away again. Her laughter was genuine and it was obvious that She honestly enjoyed beating my poor nuts. Kicks, grabs, slaps… i didn’t know where or when the next strike would come.
After finding my limit and going just a bit more, Mistress Blaze allowed me brief moments to recover and allowed me to speak. W/we are both admirers of Mistress Ayn of the Atlanta Dungeon and mused about a double Domme session with Her.
Always professional and safe but strict and controlling, Mistress Blaze makes ballbusting an adventure with pain, pleasure and admiration all mixed together. The time flew by! I’m looking forward to seeing Her on my next trip to Raleigh.

#15081 - 06/26/21 06:51 AM Re: Mistress Blaze Ballbusting in Raleigh NC [Re: Luigi77]
DeadEyeDick Offline

Registered: 06/14/19
Posts: 15
Loc: flyover Land
Thanks for the review. Does Mistress Blaze have a website or Twitter?

#15085 - 06/26/21 11:56 AM Re: Mistress Blaze Ballbusting in Raleigh NC [Re: DeadEyeDick]
Luigi77 Offline

Registered: 06/09/17
Posts: 6
Absolutely, - and it’s a really well organized site.

She also has Twitter: @ServeBlaze
- I want clips and
- Only Fans sites

#15088 - 06/27/21 01:03 AM Re: Mistress Blaze Ballbusting in Raleigh NC [Re: Luigi77]
ScoobyBelfast Offline

Registered: 12/12/20
Posts: 281
Great review. I just check out her website. She's hot. What did you think of the dungeon? I noticed she rents space between two locations.

#15091 - 06/27/21 06:45 PM Re: Mistress Blaze Ballbusting in Raleigh NC [Re: ScoobyBelfast]
Luigi77 Offline

Registered: 06/09/17
Posts: 6
I’m not sure which one of the two dungeons this was, as it was my first session in Raleigh. It’s located just south of the city, in the whole upstairs of a stand alone building with a small lake/ pond in an extremely nice area. My first thought was, “no one can hear you scream!”

It was very clean and well equipped. Mistress Blaze used the Saint Andrew’s Cross, one of the tables, got ice from the fridge, and it has a full bath. I was blindfolded some of the time with a couple of different things, silk scarves, Mistress’s shapely bottom, and what i called beer goggles. I could see shapes but not clear enough to flinch before the next kick.

I was introduced to the Venus 2000, and several other toys that were left to my imagination because of the blindfolds and my being mentally overwhelmed much of the time. She’s very accurate with Her kicks, because my balls are still swollen but there’s no bruising on my thighs.

Overall it was clean, safe and isn’t lacking anything that detracted from O/our playtime. If you’re familiar with the Atlanta Dungeon, it’s about the size of the square section of the upper floor’s front room, bath and the connecting space at the rear of that structure.

#15106 - 06/28/21 08:15 PM Re: Mistress Blaze Ballbusting in Raleigh NC [Re: Luigi77]
Luigi77 Offline

Registered: 06/09/17
Posts: 6
I’ve learned a lot about Ballbusting positions:

- When kicking from behind, make the slave bend over, place his hands on his knees and bend at the knees. Squatting like this with my legs spread is a ‘no miss’ position.

- This works for kicks from the front as well, because My arms can help keep me up on my feet. Arching my back presents my nuts for a great target as well.

- For knees, a Mistress can hold my shoulders to keep me standing. Pushing my back against a wall works even better. When a Domme whispers in my ears it’s scary sweet

- On all fours from behind, putting my head on the floor pushes my ass up and my balls dangle unprotected and exposed for another ‘can’t miss’ target

When tied to a Ballbusting Chair or the Saint Andrew’s Cross, having my thighs secured makes it impossible for me to close my legs and protect my balls. Giving me no choice but to take whatever my Mistress wants to dish out.

Make it easier for your Mistress, She’s got me by the short and curlies, it’s wise to keep Her happy 😈😈


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