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#12819 - 01/09/21 02:12 PM Financial arrangements for long term domination
Spark Online   content

Registered: 08/15/19
Posts: 50
Would anyone be willing to share how they have setup long term professional D/s relationships when it comes to paying for services. Im not looking for how much money was spent i’m sure for many that is personal. I'm more interested in the structure.

As the new year hits i am trying to determine the best way to set this up.

Did you pay for session time only?
Did you pay a certain monthly amount etc? Pay as you go pay upfront?
Did you share financial information?

In my current arrangement i normally send money randomly throughout the month. I have also given my Domina a credit card which i pay for her. I really enjoy the intimacy of her having the card. It makes it feel more real to me. This definitely requires a lot of trust.

I don't specifically pay for session time. There is no pre determined amount of session time. Its whatever we feel like for the month. I like this approach as again it makes it feel more real and that i am paying for a relationship and not a service.

My current relationship could sort of be described as a dominant GFE

I am also thinking of sending a set amount for the year or for several months and just handling it that way.

What has worked for others pros/cons etc?

#12855 - 01/12/21 02:46 PM Re: Financial arrangements for long term domination [Re: Spark]
ScoobyBelfast Online   content

Registered: 12/12/20
Posts: 64
I have never had a professional session. My girlfriend and I are thinking about finding a pro for training and some participation. I'd like more of a this is what you get and this is what you pay for deal of us. But I can understand the attraction to a relationship over an hourly session if you are single. It would be lonely to just be left after an hour or two.

#12863 - 01/14/21 06:04 PM Re: Financial arrangements for long term domination [Re: Spark]
teddymishka Online   content

Registered: 01/21/16
Posts: 175
This is very personal and never the same. A quick reply.

Did you pay for session time only? No, but some months yes

Did you pay a certain monthly amount etc? Pay as you go pay upfront? All of theese. She expects a certain minimum each month and more when I get bonuses. I also give her gifts when I wish and sometimes she will send me a text saying buy me this but it is never a huge expenditure. It is something she really needs.

Did you share financial information? Very rarely but she has very intimate knowledge about how well I did before I lost my job.

#12880 - 01/15/21 04:59 PM Re: Financial arrangements for long term domination [Re: teddymishka]
Spark Online   content

Registered: 08/15/19
Posts: 50
Thanks Teddy. Great insight

This arrangement sounds somewhat similar to mine

For me a lot of this question involves not getting burned out, making sure she gets paid, but im also obsessed with the idea of making the relationship feel real

Not the easiest thing to do

#12881 - 01/15/21 07:45 PM Re: Financial arrangements for long term domination [Re: Spark]
teddymishka Online   content

Registered: 01/21/16
Posts: 175
There are so many things you can do to keep it fresh.

Here are some of ours and FYI all require tribute and all expenses paid.
Shopping together - minimum spend $250
Fin Domme time fun - tied up while she shops with my card - $250 minimum
lunches - $60
dinners - $100
Manicure - $0 but expenses paid
Pedicure - same
Movies - out and at my home - $100 per hour
Couples massage - $0
Serving as chauffer - $0
and of course sessions with many extras that if done by her require extra tribute on top of hourly rate. No cum tax since I have not been allowed to since July 2018. Only milkings.

Keeping it real. Oh it is. I belong to her and she is in charge when we meet and what we do. I make suggestions but all decisions are hers. It is pure D/s when we are together.

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