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#12799 - 01/07/21 10:55 AM Switching Roles
ScoobyBelfast Online   content

Registered: 12/12/20
Posts: 25
I asked my sexually dominate girlfriend, who turned me onto bdsm in the first place, if we could switch. She casually looked at me and said, "No," then went back about her business as if the question was never asked. I don't know what turned me on more, her dismissing the question with out giving it thought or her switching with me. Is it common for couples in personal relationships to switch?

#12801 - 01/07/21 12:32 PM Re: Switching Roles [Re: ScoobyBelfast]
Swordfish Online   content

Registered: 10/31/15
Posts: 92
Loc: California
On the personal relationship side, I was in an flr for a few years. I once made a pitch to my princess that we should switch and I should dominate her once. Without even looking up from what she was doing, she just deadpanned "yeah, that's not happening" and told me to go fetch something for her. It was a pretty huge turn-on. Like you, this was one of those situations where I would have been turned on if she agreed to switching; but was also turned-on by the way she turned it down.

As far how common switching is in personal relationships, I wonder if people on this board -- which is focused are professional domination, and moreover, the kind of people who are so into professional domination that they join a forum about it -- are representative of the public at large. I suspect the silent majority of people who engage in femdom just play at it, and given that the vast majority of women seem to be submissive or switches, I'd guess there's plenty of switching going on

#12803 - 01/07/21 09:14 PM Re: Switching Roles [Re: ScoobyBelfast]
Spark Online   content

Registered: 08/15/19
Posts: 42
For most of my life i would have never thought of switching

I dont have a personal relationship. I am paying for a professional relationship that has been going for a while.

Ive done a little switching in that relationship. I wasnt looking for it. It happened organically

I brought up the idea of wanting the domination to be very light and sensual. She brought up the idea of switching.

It was a lot of fun for me. She would never advertise this as a service but the trust we developed allowed us both to feel comfortable exploring.

we joke about it a lot.

It doesnt change the dynamic im still the submissive. In some ways i feel more submissive being able to experience the dominant rule for a short term.

Thats the great thing about these deeper relationships. Whether personal or professional 2 people can define exactly what domination means to them and have an amazing experience.

#12806 - 01/08/21 06:27 AM Re: Switching Roles [Re: ScoobyBelfast]
Cheyenne Online   content


Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 1480
For a newbie, you are certainly getting adventurous. As far as switching being common place, from my experience, it is rare in the pro scene. Very few clients have asked me over the years. When they have, it has been tickling and spanking. Strange how those niches seem to have more of an element for switching. I've switched for a few tickling sessions because it was just silly fun and didn't feel like being dominated. As for personal relationships, the men in my life have never suggested they were into that. But, my guess would be that it is probably fairly common with personal partners. Maybe your girlfriend has zero interest in it. Maybe she is waiting for you to take the reigns. Time will tell. Sounds like you are having fun, in any case.

#12817 - 01/09/21 10:35 AM Re: Switching Roles [Re: Cheyenne]
junglebeast Online   content

Registered: 06/15/19
Posts: 266
Loc: Native New Yorker
I switched with a Mistress in the '90s BEFORE I ever heard of the word "switching" or being a "switch."

It happened during role play. Before the scene she was lightly tied to a chair by me. I left the room, came back and played "Tarzan" untying and swooping her up in my arms quietly as I saved her. By the middle of the scene she was seducing her hero and accuses him of being a "Peeping Tarzan" of the jungle, and worse, threatening to out him. By the end he became "the Sub of the Jungle." LOL! Age, I think, had something to do with it. I was in my mid 40s and she was in her late 20s. She was not an experienced hard core domina, more of a role play/fetish player. That I was recommended by the head Mistress, we hit it off immediately and did several sessions over the years, of course, were all vital factors.

By a decade or more ago, when sessioning with female bodybuilders who are into fetish and dominant, switching and changing roles naturally occurred a couple of times with when doing a similar role play and our personalities clicked.

In all of these cases laughter and great post-session conversations occurred. Yes... I've been lucky.

#12820 - 01/09/21 04:29 PM Re: Switching Roles [Re: junglebeast]
Cheyenne Online   content


Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 1480
That sounds like so much fun. Every time you talk about your session experiences it sounds like something I would have loved to have made a movie out of or, better yet, been there in person.

#12821 - 01/09/21 07:50 PM Re: Switching Roles [Re: Cheyenne]
junglebeast Online   content

Registered: 06/15/19
Posts: 266
Loc: Native New Yorker
Mistress, I take that has a high compliment. My thanks.

I know, and have known for years, I like theatrics. Play. Sure some discomfort, some spanking, light bondage for a few minutes, etc. I tried a limited menu of a lotta things. I've had plenty of experiences with a lot of wonderful Dominas. I love and respect women. I have too much imagination for my own good, which has gotten me in "good trouble" over the years. I'm more of a hedonist than sub, no matter my longevity, and so many here are far better subs than me.


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