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#12025 - 10/17/20 04:24 AM Events, Privates or Both?
Cheyenne Online   content


Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 1341
Over the course of years, I've some men who want only private sessions. They have no desire to be at an event or party. Unless the shoot is free of any other males, they don't want to be on set. Then, there are those that love everything. Where are your comfort levels? What do you enjoy?

#12031 - 10/17/20 10:45 AM Re: Events, Privates or Both? [Re: Cheyenne]
AspX Online   content

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 798
Loc: Detroit
As long as cameras are not involved, I am pretty open about situations. I have no issues with trans, sissies or other guys being there regardless of how I am dressed (or not dressed) as long as there is no sexual interaction between us and no males attempt to dominate me directly (to be clear, I don't consider a trans woman who identifies as a woman to be a man even if she is pre-op... Although her male parts are still male parts to me). However, I must admit to being somewhat of a kink junkie so the crazier the situation the more I tend to like it.

One Domme really likes taking me to a sex club and putting on a show or just putting me in bondage and displaying me as she enjoys herself. I have served beside and had other male subs participate in sessions/play with a Domme/Dommes. I have been semi-cuckolded by Dommes who have either put me in bondage or just made me stand there as they have played with others instead of me (both D/s and sexually). I have been at events and parties where there were lots of couples, some of which would do public play while I was focused on serving the Domme I was there with. Other than the cuckolding, I have enjoyed all of those things and even the cuckolding wasn't breaking a rule... I just didn't enjoy it.

My comfort level, on the other hand, is always about privacy rather than the activity or who else is in that private setting. I don't do conventions or other events that require that I provide my ID. I won't do pictures with kinksters even if we are in normal clothes. I love being at shoots as long as I am always behind the camera but won't do anything in front even if I am fully covered from head to toe.

Not sure of exactly do what you were looking for in an answer, but I hope that covers it.

#12040 - 10/17/20 03:54 PM Re: Events, Privates or Both? [Re: Cheyenne]
John_Bolton Online   content

Registered: 06/22/20
Posts: 195
Mostly privacy. Can be multiple dommes, but I definitely avoid cameras, audio recording, public events, and even want to limit who sees me upon entering the place.

#12044 - 10/17/20 05:28 PM Re: Events, Privates or Both? [Re: Cheyenne]
junglebeast Online   content

Registered: 06/15/19
Posts: 253
Loc: Native New Yorker
Originally Posted By Cheyenne
Over the course of years, I've some men who want only private sessions. They have no desire to be at an event or party. Unless the shoot is free of any other males, they don't want to be on set. Then, there are those that love everything. Where are your comfort levels? What do you enjoy?

Interesting question. I once described to a Mistress that I’m “an exhibitionist for one Mistress,” which kinda makes sense since most of my sessions have been role play with me as a captured Tarzan or jungle slave wearing very little. Still, as I have posted here (I think) I was asked several times over the years to be the “training sub” for a Mistresses who were teaching wanna-be dominas. Mistresses have called in other Dominas into a session to, in the words of one, “show you off.”

In the days before smartphones and online security cameras I’d pick up my Mistress at her Queens apartment at dawn on a few summer Sundays and drive to the (then) quiet north Brooklyn waterfront to worship her, get reprimanded and just about go nude before driving back to her apartment for us to finish the sessions in private.

The biggest chance was a video more than a decade ago. With this one Mistress we would session in hotels and she’d pick me up in the lobby, I’d follow her into the hotel emergency stairway and worship her feet, before we adjourned to her room. About the video she was a bodybuilder/fitness model and Domina who knew how to video her own sessions with lights, camcorder with remote, etc. No crew. She was in an animal print string bikini and matching high heels, I was in my usual animal print plus a matching mask that covered my whole head. She sold videos online with guys that didn’t wear masks. She had no problem that I wanted to. I paid for an hour but I must have been there two or more hours due to the set-ups. I did it because I was in deep, DEEP subspace (LOL!) and was in good shape then. But it never made it online. She retired six months or so later.

All of this is about as far as I would go, then and now.

#12146 - 10/28/20 05:47 AM Re: Events, Privates or Both? [Re: Cheyenne]
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 248
I prefer one on one even in the conversations with friends in vanilla life. In a good relation intimacy is as important as play in a session, and I am not necessarily speaking about physical intimacy. I would look at a second mistress as competition for the attention of the first, and I do not like the idea of two mistresses talking over my head. I want undivided attention. Besides I could not afford publicity.

Having said that I did offer once to take part in a video when I thought that it would have made a difference for a partner who was at a turning point.

#12148 - 10/28/20 11:46 AM Re: Events, Privates or Both? [Re: Cheyenne]
Smiley Online   content

Registered: 10/19/15
Posts: 19
I've always preferred the privacy and intimacy of a session versus an event or party. Sure there has been times I've been invited to events in Philly, DC, etc but they just don't appeal to me.

#12154 - 10/30/20 12:59 AM Re: Events, Privates or Both? [Re: Cheyenne]
ryancbtbb Online   content

Registered: 06/06/20
Posts: 16
I prefer private sessions to avoid any potential critical opinions of me. I went to a few events, still prefer private.


I'm in 20s, they say older people are more relaxed naked than younger people. When I was in high school, people showered at school with their swim trunks on. In 1970s, I heard they showered completely naked.

In conversations with hypothetical scenarios, younger men (never had this conversation with men over 40) complain about being around men, such as camera-men , especially if the scene require erections and cum (they'll be like "no homo", "its uncomfortable"), I guess the more experienced he is, the less he cares. Maybe try advertising it's a 100% female film crew and the consumer/audience are mixed. Creative marketing works.

I usually do ballbusting and penis torture, those usually caused lot of noise. I don't want anymore humiliation than already experienced from the session, especially front of men. I can do events, if only women are around.


I like ballbusting, cock torture, footjobs and handjobs. When I'm in sub-space and she's stroking my erect parts, she could be pulling, squeezing and twisting my balls further than I'm normally comfortable. My ex domme did it quite a lot. Almost saying, "i'll stroke your cock only if balls are on my court"

Post-orgasm ballbusting/cock torture are brutal, worse than it looks on video.. The scene turns from masochistic "do me sub" to full "balls on her court" especially if she doesn't use safe-words.

My 3 biggest turn-ons are 1. "ballbusting and/or cock torture", 2. "post-orgasm ballbusting and/or cock torture".. 3. Stinky feet footjob.

Example: Full bondage sex with ex lifestyle domme, my ankles and wrists secured to her bondage equipment or her bed. Her being in full genuine control. I'm weary of being in bondage these days unlike my risky youth.

Example 2: I was tied to her St. Andrew cross. After giving a ballbusting handjob. She kicked me. Post-orgasm ballbusting is only a turn-on before orgasm, often regretful after.

The first time I experienced post-orgasm ballbusting was by accident. After sneaking out a camp coach's dorm at evening/night, a few girls suspected what was going on between me and her, and "nailed" my balls in 2 different incidents when I was crossing the outdoor path back to my dorm (yes, I was getting my dick wet during my teens).

I had a tight sack during teens. In my early-mid 20s, the sack is all loose and wrinkly from all those squeezing, pulling and kicking. I need a cosmetic scrotum-lift. I actually feel embarrassed showing it.

What made you retire from private sessions? You could command big money for your legacy, you can find dominatrix in every city, but who has the legendary status and myth-making lore as you do? Add few big muscular butch women outside your door as security grin certainly gain more business as a hallmark signature. Big muscular men as security would lose/decrease business. Try hiring a 100% female staff for filming, lights = woman, camera = woman, web developer = woman, administration = woman, etc. Of course read local laws to prevent discrimination lawsuit on gender hiring practices, but suing a porn-studio for such trivial reason is silly.. Almost promise/guarantee you, more men and more attractive men are willing to be filmed if film crew is 100% female ([b]and you can pay women less
, just kidding, just kidding! grin ). With those big muscular biological butch women as security guard, who's going to mess with the crew? You know... I never been tazed in the balls before.

Sometimes being older gives you an auora of authority.

60 year old cam girl

68 year old turned dominatrix after a divorce.

Edited by ryancbtbb (10/30/20 04:06 AM)

#12155 - 10/30/20 03:15 PM Re: Events, Privates or Both? [Re: ryancbtbb]
ryancbtbb Online   content

Registered: 06/06/20
Posts: 16
What I prefer most is a lifestyle domme for ultimate privacy.

I was late teens and this woman was mid/late 30s had a detached house in semi-rural county. She was well-built, gym go-ers have extra libido and bit taller (her nose touches top of my forehead while both standing). Having bondage sex with my wrists and ankles was a weekly occurrence. I remember thinking, "if she bends the wrong way, my cock is toast and she know it" she threatens with a slight bend to get her way, or she reaches for my balls for a 2 handed squeeze.

Light ballbusting turns me on, I climax easily. Hard ballbusting reduces my eagerness, slowing the pace. She was in full control. Punching, squeezing, twisting. I fondly cherished her calves over my chest and shoulders, and her feet against my head, keeping my body against the floor as her fists punches down into my balls. Or when she twists and squeeze while striding her hips up and down my penis, like an operator controlling the erection. This was during an hour long marathon sex, my balls were twice or triple the size in 1 or 2 days. Testicles were one of her biggest turn on, we were a perfect sexual match, but our age difference and her desire to have kids was not compatible with me. I could feel her resentment of not wanting to have kid with her, as she increased the ballbusting intensity and slammed my balls a few times too hard. I might had cum over 400 times inside her vagina over 2 years. Not something you find in events.

Edited by ryancbtbb (10/30/20 03:34 PM)


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