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#11677 - 09/01/20 07:54 AM Re: Who's Doing Live Sessions? [Re: John_Bolton]
ryancbtbb Online   content

Registered: 06/06/20
Posts: 16
you people are addicts

#11678 - 09/01/20 11:37 AM Re: Who's Doing Live Sessions? [Re: MsRoseWoods]
Mistress Ayn Online   content


Registered: 10/13/15
Posts: 1084
Loc: Atlanta, GA
Hello MRW. It's good to have you back. I am going to put myself out here and probably take some blow back, but I never completely stopped doing sessions. Local clients that I knew well continued to book and we made mutual decisions about risk.

What is still missing from my client roster are the business travelers and that's a huge segment of my clientele. To keep our connection we have engaged in Zoom, email exchanges, calls, etc. but that is not what we prefer.

The interaction I have had with my clients (both local and out of town) indicates the percentage of guys not booking sessions because of virus fears is actually pretty low.
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#11687 - 09/03/20 05:58 AM Re: Who's Doing Live Sessions? [Re: Mistress Ayn]
MsRoseWoods Online   content


Registered: 06/17/19
Posts: 173
Thank you Mistress Ann. I'm glad to be back.

My hat's off to you. You're a class act, and a great business woman.
Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

#12149 - 10/28/20 01:33 PM Shutting It Down Based on Current Risk [Re: MsRoseWoods]
AspX Online   content

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 798
Loc: Detroit
I am a big believer that my behavior decisions in regards to FemDom had always been about risk management. I don't trade personal information that ties to my legal identity with others who are involved with this... I don't bring my wallet into a session with me... I won't consent to any pictures, even if there is no way you can tell it's me... Etc...

In relation to the pandemic, I have been living my life in the same way. When a Domme who I support when she travels to Detroit visited over the summer, I not only sessioned with her... I drove her around, went to restaurants and ate there (literally the only time this has happened since March), and spent many many hours in close proximity with no masks. When another one of my Dommes came into town because her friend had surgery, I met her for lunch and then helped her friend (who I had never met before) for a couple of weeks after the Domme left town because it was what the Domme wanted. I have traveled to Chicago to do personal service for another of my Dommes multiple times because she told me to and that included running errands for her (interacting with lots of people in the middle of the day instead of planning for the least possible contact as I do at home) and being around some of her friends who visited her apartment. Finally, I devised a safe as possible visit to Las Vegas to spend 4 days with another of my Dommes just because we both felt it had been too long.

In each of these interactions, the rewards of it outweighed the risk that I would contract Covid. I did add any fluid exchange (especially spitting and/or sharing drinks/food) to my hard limits, but that was really the only concession to the pandemic in regards to my interactions with the Dommes themselves (I still social distanced / wore masks in any interactions with people outside of the Domme's private spaces).

I say all of this, because my answer to this question has now changed. With the current surge of cases in the US (where hospital beds are becoming scarce... And that is the one metric that no one can argue is being manipulated), I am changing my behavior until things become manageable again. I will not be going to Chicago when given the opportunity. I will not be seeing Dommes if they visit Detroit. I certainly won't be planning any "special" trips.

This is a risk based decision based on the pandemic crossing thresholds in the US that I no longer feel comfortable with... So I am shutting it down until the numbers return to much lower levels or effective treatments are readily available to me as just a normal person.

What I personally choose to do means nothing to you.. but, the point I want to make is that in regards to FemDom it is smart to make decisions based on that situation rather than sticking to general decisions made under different circumstances. That is regardless of whether you will only let a particular Domme use a whip on you because you know her proficiency, requiring PPE during a session, or even being willing to have what the CDC defines as "close contact" with others.

#12150 - 10/28/20 10:35 PM Re: Shutting It Down Based on Current Risk [Re: AspX]
Spark Online   content

Registered: 08/15/19
Posts: 32
Wise words.

I havent done live sessions this year but i agree im getting more cautious with many social interactions. Its tough on both sides because like many others i rely on these interactions for fun and my well being to some extent. For the Dominas its their business.

For what its worth I've found the online play to be quite fun and a nice change of pace for both parties.

Also i like your style. Dinners, meeting dommes, driving them around. I love the out of session interactions with the women i serve almost more than the in session stuff

Edited by Spark (10/28/20 10:35 PM)

#12151 - 10/29/20 11:10 AM Re: Shutting It Down Based on Current Risk [Re: Spark]
John_Bolton Online   content

Registered: 06/22/20
Posts: 195
I think being sensible and limiting exposure makes sense, but, fair warning... you'll probably only be sessioning and interacting between May and September for the rest of your life. Flu symptoms are likely causing the increased hospitalizations and cases and we should expect this to occur for the rest of flu and cold season. Hopefully you can find alternate means of joy from virtual sessions, etc. There will be the group of us that still takes risks in order to keep BDSM alive.

#12152 - 10/29/20 01:17 PM Re: Shutting It Down Based on Current Risk [Re: John_Bolton]
palmer Online   content

Registered: 06/16/19
Posts: 41
Flu symptoms are not causing increased cases. A positive coronavirus case is a positive coronavirus case. Perhaps flu symptoms are compounding severity and this is leading to more hospitalizations... but I haven't read anything about this yet.

Yes, CV19 could become endemic, but after a vaccine and continued research into effective treatments, its severity and prevalence should go way down. In other words, I'm optimistic about future sessions in the October - April time frame.

#12153 - 10/29/20 02:01 PM Re: Shutting It Down Based on Current Risk [Re: palmer]
John_Bolton Online   content

Registered: 06/22/20
Posts: 195
There is a flu vaccine. I think if I walked into a session and the domme looked visibly sick, I would not session. I'm just not gonna live in fear that she "might" have a virus. If she does, but does not appear sick, then it can't be that bad.

#12156 - 10/30/20 09:08 PM Re: Who's Doing Live Sessions? [Re: MsRoseWoods]
Smiley Online   content

Registered: 10/19/15
Posts: 19
I just saw Ms. Lydia Supremacy yesterday. Standard protocols for Covid19: KN95 mask for her and a N95 mask I had, hand sanitizer upon entry and a non contact temperature check. I fortunately was able to have a recent covid19 test which came back negative for active infection. Obvious safe practices need to be followed including make sure I did not have an active cough or any illness, disinfected all surfaces, etc. I think most can practice safely as long as you take proper precautions. I have a few friends who are EMTs or in law enforcement and even they take standard safety precautions when they are working. When they are dispatched the call takers asks if anyone has had a recent covid19 related symptom. Most times from what I understand they will only use a N95 masks with a standard ear loop mask over the N95 if there is a covid19 symptom or just a standard ear loop mask if no symptoms are suspected.

#12164 - 10/31/20 07:46 PM Re: Who's Doing Live Sessions? [Re: MsRoseWoods]
Mistress Tissa Online   content


Registered: 11/02/15
Posts: 237
Loc: Philadelphia
I'm offering in-person sessions as long as some additional safety precautions are met.

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