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#12136 - 10/27/20 04:53 AM Re: Types of Dominas and dominant women [Re: junglebeast]
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 248
There are many ways to skin a cat and for such an interesting subject you can introduce many taxonomies. First I would point that regardless of the categories, most likely they represent a snapshot in a life of a mistress. Today's dungeon mistress can and many times will be tomorrow's indie, and what a mistress does or does not do will change in time.

One interesting (to me) classification is reactive versus proactive. By the nature of the job a mistress tends to become reactive because she has to respond to the first move made by the partner. There are though a minority, like those running the forums, creating studios or other related businesses who are proactive.

#12137 - 10/27/20 04:55 AM Re: Types of Dominas and dominant women [Re: junglebeast]
AspX Online   content

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 798
Loc: Detroit
Originally Posted By junglebeast
Also, I didn't go into all the the fetishes, such as discipline, latex or heavy bondage. The fetishes... there are so many.

I think this is a reference to my comments about spankers, foot Dommes, etc... I only brought that in because you broke out session wrestlers as a category. Obviously Dommes offer many different types of fetish play, including wrestling, but what I was trying to point out is that there are women who only cater to a single fetish and are not necessarily into D/s.

For example, using session wrestlers as the model, Sarah Brooke is purely a session wrestler who would fall into category #3. However, Goddess Samantha Muscle may do wresting only sessions when requested but she is absolutely a Domme that would fall into one of the other categories because wrestling is just a single item on her menu of ways to Dominate you.

My point was that basically the same can be same for Macie of Cleveland Ohio, who is purely a disciplinarian and only offers spanking rather than Domination. If you are going to put Sarah Brooke into your "Types" because she caters to a specific fetish that you like and is BDSM adjacent, then all fetish specialists like Macie or Foot Girls (who only allow foot worship) or Mommies (ABDL/age play only), etc... should either also be included in that category or not be considered to be a Domme type at all.

#12143 - 10/27/20 06:34 PM Re: Types of Dominas and dominant women [Re: junglebeast]
Spark Online   content

Registered: 08/15/19
Posts: 32
I have to say Ive had a lot of great sessions with all of these Dominas. Although nowadays my interests and personality tend to align with the 4th type.

I was talking to a Domina about a year ago who offers everything between 1 and 3 but really advertises as 1. She told me how few of her clients actually look for bondage and heavy pain, whipping, canning etc. Said it was her favorite and would love to do more but its less than 10% of her clients. Lots more foot worship, humiliation, wrestling, even ball busting.

#12145 - 10/27/20 08:48 PM Re: Types of Dominas and dominant women [Re: The Thomas]
Swordfish Online   content

Registered: 10/31/15
Posts: 84
Loc: California
Originally Posted By The Thomas

As for why his first 3 categories seem to have only a small difference there is an increasing degree of sensual contact with the Domme at each level and this is very important in his eyes.

Yep, our taxonomy reflects our values. I could see what he was doing there -- this increasing "sensual contact" was a defining characteristic of the session. For me, these are all minor variations on the same thing -- domination as a paid service with no sex. The big leap, for me, is to the important distinctions between domination as a paid service with sex, so that's where I'd make a bigger deal of FBSM vs escort vs Sugar Baby which I find to be substantially different experiences (because I care a lot about that part of the experience).

Not right or wrong, just reflective of what we value.

#12174 - 11/01/20 05:58 AM Re: Types of Dominas and dominant women [Re: junglebeast]
Slv4u Online   content

Registered: 06/20/19
Posts: 25
Loc: Germany
i wouldn't try to put my domme into different categories. She offers a wide spectrum of activities - and as there is for years no prior communication about how the session will be, it's all up to her what she will do to me. It's a kind of flow we're getting into as the session progress. My reaction shows her my 'fun' and confirms or let her (maybe) change her plans.

She only does things to me she's into by respecting my limit (traces). Of course, she will do certain activities to keep me interessted - but it really got quite intense over the years.
Now, i am nearly an expert for foot worship/massage. But also received some very harsh cbt torture by electrics. Lately, she gives me increasing pain by a ballbusting or an extended whipping / interrogation scene. But she also offers me very intimate moments by giving nude facesitting or let me help her shower after the session.

And after the session, i help her cleaning up, sorting the gear and put it into her bags. Then, we have a very nice talk about nearly everything like family, personal problems, vacancies, future plans etc by finishing thr bottle of sparkling wine we consumed during the session. Than i help her sorting her gear and carry her bags to her car.

If only those horrific covid times would come to an end - i do miss her so much!
Life‘s too short to drink cheap wine

#12219 - 11/02/20 09:32 PM Re: Types of Dominas and dominant women [Re: junglebeast]
Luke Cage Online   content

Registered: 01/26/16
Posts: 45
Loc: PA
My history is vaguely similar:

1) Independent dommes with their own dungeons. This is my strong preference, and the preponderance of my patronage. This is a pretty intimate and still somewhat risky hobby we have here, and I feel a lot better knowing who I'm dealing with, and that there aren't tons of other people doing who-knows-what, who-knows-where, in the building at the same time. It also just feels better, in a way I can't put my finger on...maybe more immersive and personal, in the sense that there's not a third party with their own negotiations, schedule, and protocols involved.

2) Wrestlers - I haven't been to see a wrestler in a long, long time, partially because my interests have evolved, but also because there were never many women who blended it in a compelling way. Ironically, there was one wrestler-domme (now retired) who, post-session, suddenly pinned me again, and whispering into my ear, promised/threatened that she would eventually take me deeper into BDSM, describing things that, at age 25, I found alarming and - APPALLING! Before letting me go, she said "Mark my words. Oh, and when it happens, you'll beg me for more." I'll never forget the smirk on her face. Although she didn't get to see it, she...was...100% right.

3) Dancers - I used to frequent strip clubs, and more times than would seem natural, I would eventually find myself being choked, bitten, pinched, and smacked. It was like I had a fucking KICK ME sign on my back. That led to some completely spontaneous mini-sessions that, despite the limitations of the environment, were fucking amazing just due to the atmosphere of danger and taboo. Writhing in pain, a hand over my mouth or around my neck, the dancer watching the bouncer, and the bouncer watching watching the door...LMAO!
Ever wonder why superheroes keep getting captured and tortured?

#12239 - 11/03/20 03:47 AM Re: Types of Dominas and dominant women [Re: Slv4u]
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 248
It looks like you have a very good relation. Be careful not to jeopardize it. There is a fine line between openness and discretion.

#12248 - 11/04/20 02:15 PM Re: Types of Dominas and dominant women [Re: Komodo]
Slv4u Online   content

Registered: 06/20/19
Posts: 25
Loc: Germany
Originally Posted By Komodo
It looks like you have a very good relation. Be careful not to jeopardize it. There is a fine line between openness and discretion.

i try to do everything to keep her happy and interesstet in doing sessions with me.
And i know my place and respect her bounderies.
Life‘s too short to drink cheap wine

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