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#12138 - 10/27/20 05:14 AM Re: Telling people your into Femdom [Re: Spark]
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 248
There are fifty shades of gray when you deal with people identities or their privacy. I think that for you this is important because you see this interest as defining to your identity. If this is the case a forum like this is a good place for discussions because you can be completely honest and there are no consequences.

I am tempted to raise many issues which might seem as controversial here as your confessions could be to your vanilla friends, and eventually I think I will.

Be careful with what you do because once you do it the cat is out of the bag and it is irreversible. It might be the right thing to do for you but only the very closest of your friends could understand your situation well enough to give you good advise.

#12142 - 10/27/20 06:29 PM Re: Telling people your into Femdom [Re: Komodo]
Spark Online   content

Registered: 08/15/19
Posts: 32
I think that for you this is important because you see this interest as defining to your identity.

You nailed it.

To be sure i pick and choose my spots and err on the side of caution. I wouldn’t tell someone i work with.

I also understand why many would want to be private about this lifestyle.

Good to hear all the responses.

#12163 - 10/31/20 07:40 PM Re: Telling people your into Femdom [Re: Spark]
Mistress Tissa Online   content


Registered: 11/02/15
Posts: 237
Loc: Philadelphia
Originally Posted By Spark
In some situations ive started to tell people that i’m a submissive and practice consensual bdsm or domination. Its actually been a relief and ive been surprised by the curiosity and openness of people. ... its been nice to be honest and not make excuses for my relationship status.

I applaud you. What you don't realize is that you are doing important work. The more people practice honesty, the more honesty is normalized. When we are honest about being kinky people, the fear about what that means is lessened. That can have a ripple effect on those around us which in turn can affect society as a whole.

Do other dommes or subs share their interest in domination with their vanilla world?

I assume that when you say "domination" you mean *erotic* domination. People who know me know I'm a dominant personality, so it's nothing I need to discuss. And most of those I know also know I'm kinky and make a living at it. This includes members of my family. I prefer to live a life in which I don't feel like I'm guilty for something I shouldn't feel guilty about -- especially when what I do is consensually practiced and it brings me joy.

#12191 - 11/01/20 10:28 PM Re: Telling people your into Femdom [Re: Mistress Tissa]
ryancbtbb Online   content

Registered: 06/06/20
Posts: 16
Would had loved to known you personally.

#12194 - 11/02/20 01:22 AM Re: Telling people your into Femdom [Re: ryancbtbb]
Mistress Tissa Online   content


Registered: 11/02/15
Posts: 237
Loc: Philadelphia
Originally Posted By ryancbtbb
Would had loved to known you personally.

Thank you, ryancbtbb. I'm not sure what you mean by "personally", but I do allow people to know me through sessions. smile

#12216 - 11/02/20 08:03 PM Re: Telling people your into Femdom [Re: Mistress Ayn]
Luke Cage Online   content

Registered: 01/26/16
Posts: 45
Loc: PA
Originally Posted By Mistress Ayn
I've seen too many clients get into relationships, not tell the significant other, and think they can just shut this down.

Please stop looking at me like that. LMAO!
Ever wonder why superheroes keep getting captured and tortured?

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