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#11959 - 10/08/20 12:27 AM Video recording during sessions.... my recommendation to slaves
John_Bolton Online   content

Registered: 06/22/20
Posts: 171
most dommes do not seem to record sessions, but with the prevelance of onlyfans, Twitter, etc. maybe they do record parts of the session.

You might be okay with this. And I'm talking about a situation where you clearly know they are filming. I am not discussing hidden cameras as I hope that never happens to anyone.

If you value privacy and think you are protected by only speaking without appearing on screen or you're being masked/hooded and speaking, reconsider things.

Technology likely exists now and will certainly exist in the future to detect your specific voice. If you wouldn't want anyone to know you session, don't let your voice during a session come back to haunt you when future technology scans through all of the internet and can show you sessioned.

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#11988 - 10/10/20 08:32 AM Re: Video recording during sessions.... my recommendation to slaves [Re: John_Bolton]
Screams00 Online   content

Registered: 10/09/20
Posts: 4
Thank you bringing this up. I have a strong exhibitionist tendency so I have always been interested in my demise in session being shared broadly for lots of people to watch.

One Mistress whom I visited often did post numerous photos and short video clips of our sessions and I loved it. It brought me an extraordinary high to imagine all these people watching them on twitter (she has a large following).

But you are right: always with full hood, not just mask. And never with voice. You are correct, people forget that your voice can be recognized even if you re not speaking words, like when screaming.
Remember that and stay safe.


#11997 - 10/10/20 11:37 AM Re: Video recording during sessions.... my recommendation to slaves [Re: Screams00]
Chi61 Online   content

Registered: 06/22/16
Posts: 21
It’s a good point on the voice recognition, something I had not thought of. A few years ago, I let a few of my sessions get filmed while wearing a hood, knowing in advance that she was going to sell them on C4S. It was her request as she was trying to build out her content and didn’t have much live action stuff. There was a certain thrill to knowing the camera was rolling. Definitely changed the vibe of the sessions, not better or worse per se just different knowing there was an audience. Not sure I would do it again, but don’t really regret it either. I fully understand the privacy concerns but personally I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older I’ve been more willing to take calculated risks eg providing my last name in very specific circumstances. Just seems the older I get the less I worry about it, but perhaps I’m just getting too lackadaisical. Curious though if others have had their privacy boundaries change with age.


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