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#11948 - 10/07/20 01:20 AM Goddess Hunter (NYC)
subtember Online   content

Registered: 10/06/20
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This review is for Goddess Hunter, a young independent Domme who I've seen twice at Pandora's Box in NYC.

I've seen her twice in the past two months, last night. I requested the classic schoolgirl bully roleplay but with a bit of twist. I feel the whole "nerd giving lunch money/doing homework" was a bit cliche- so instead I proposed it being my sister being bullied by Goddess Hunter's cheerleader character and me being a "regular" non-nerd student confronting her about it- only to wind up having my butt kicked and becoming her victim instead.

Thankfully Goddess Hunter loved my idea and during the session itself we had a fun fantasy wrestling match where of course she won and then was delightful in mocking my failed attempt at trying to be a night in shining armor afterwards. Goddess Hunter did some delightfully wicked mind games with me like trying to get me to unzip her boots with my teeth and also writing on the chalkboard (our roleplay was in the classroom part of PB) how I owe my life to her. Another fun mind game was lifting up her skirt but then quickly pulling it down while I was below her, calling me a pervert, which was wonderful tease and denial. The physical aspect- paddling with a board that said "teach me a lesson", spanking etc.. was fun of course as well.

The second session was me having to see her for after-school bullying again where she once again did some delightful wicked tasks like making me pick up rose petals off the floor after she shook them off the flower where she of course yelled at me if anything wasn't to her liking, if I was going too slow, missed one etc... We also did some of what we did in the previous roleplay. There was also an awesome part towards the end where she made me close my eyes and repeat after her how I owe everything to her, am hers forever etc...

Goddess Hunter is I think somewhere in her early 20's and I feel is a rising star in the New York BDSM community, she gets it already and shows a wisdom and professionalism well beyond her years. She takes the time to read e-mails thoroughly and show up looking the part, know what was requested etc... And while I'm sure she's great at non-roleplay sessions as well, she is very creative and definitely added a lot to my proposed idea(s)- it wasn't just me and she deserves a ton of credit for crafting the scene(s) as well- and I would highly recommend her for those who like roleplay sessions. (and I'm sure she could come up with a creative roleplay on her own if you're having writer's block). It seems like creative roleplay sessions is what she enjoys doing the most based on my experiences with her and her love for it shows.

Finally, I've been a lurker on Max Fisch and here for years and this is my first ever post. Like I was scared off from posting on Max Fisch because I saw the lots of fighting and owner disappearing on there, so I appreciate you all did this site and perhaps I don't need to explain but even though I just joined and this is my first post and review, I've always lurked a little and seeing this site and it being well-run over the years made me comfortable to share my wonderful experiences and kudos to all of you for maintaining it smile


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#11985 - 10/09/20 08:27 PM Re: Goddess Hunter (NYC) [Re: subtember]
The Thomas Online   content

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Thanks for taking the time to post this interesting review.


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