i can see why submission would be so appealing when you have to lead or address in that many meeting in a week.

i like your observation about great acts. sounds very jordan peterson to me for some reason. he has lectures where he talks about establishing social hierarchies in small groups. the idea of submission to a higher purpose seems to fit in with a lot of the things he talks about when he explains how we (humans in general) select leaders.

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As a general matter, great acts of courage, self-sacrifice and so on - normally stem from submission to a higher purpose. The self alone seldom satisfies the need for such action. One achieves remarkable things because one is knowingly humbled.

So submission is always a paradox of qualities and virtues. The notion that it is merely a form of weakness is silly. I would argue that the inability to say no to ego is a great weakness. And further that the one who can't do that is the most likely to tell you that submission is weakness.

BDSM is a paradox for all of us. I lead or address about 20 meetings a week. It all looks quite alpha to the untrained eye. But I can't wait to be bound, gagged, feminized and relieved of that self and the need to exert control.

One has to come to terms with the fact that the "truth" is made up of one's whole contradictory self. And you get your next merit badge when you come to understand that there is no contradiction.