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#11691 - 09/04/20 12:09 AM Cash Discrimination
John_Bolton Online   content

Registered: 06/22/20
Posts: 97
Just curious... for the dommes who have a decent number of sessions per month, has it been harder to bank cash lately?

I recall getting about $3000 cash as partial repayment for a loan I made to someone and went to Wells Fargo and was told basically they couldn't accept the cash for deposit, so I had to go to Chase to deposit it. I have accounts at both. I can't remember if there were questions where the cash came from at Chase, but it was shocking at Wells Fargo.

Lately I've seen so much discrimination at businesses. Cash is either not accepted, only accepted w/ correct change, or only accepted at certain registers in a self checkout. I use credit cards, so I'm fine. I always thought businesses preferred cash, but I have to assume there are handling fees and they may also be working in conjunction with the banking industry to move the US and World to a cashless, chipped society.

Anyways, just curious how the cash situation has been and if any of the titans in the industry have thoughts on how to prepare or innovate, or if anything is already working out for them? I've found that with most dommes requiring deposits, I'm able to pay $100 of a $300 session w/ a credit card by buying a $100 Amazon gift card at a grocery store. I don't like supporting that company, but in all fairness, Jeff Bezos never required any Amazon customers to wear masks.

#11693 - 09/04/20 05:59 AM Re: Cash Discrimination [Re: John_Bolton]
Lady Bellatrix Online   content


Registered: 11/03/15
Posts: 177
Loc: Paris, France
Interesting post and timely too. I have been discussing this very thing this week with some of my colleagues. We were already headed towards a cashless society but covid sped things up.

As I have made it mandatory for a 50% on line deposit for every session (even from regulars), I am recieving less cash than I did a few years ago. I am also finding that some clients prefer to transfer the full tribute ahead of the session as it is easier and no need to stop at an ATM to withdraw large sums of cash.

I suppose this will be the way forward!
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#11696 - 09/04/20 09:15 AM Re: Cash Discrimination [Re: John_Bolton]
Spark Online   content

Registered: 08/15/19
Posts: 22
Im normally not a conspiracy theorist. But im concerned about the move away from cash. My sessions have all moved online this year and trying to transfer cash in that environment is a complete nightmare.

Even last year cash was getting tricky for live sessions. My sessions normally run 800-1500 and that involves multiple atm trips which typically creates a fraud alert And requires a call to the bank. Never thought it would be so difficult to access my money.

Plain and simple trying to find a way to move cash has become the most stressful part of sessioning.

I also get paid in cash for a business that i own and the handling and depositing has become difficult to say the least i can show up to a bank with a small amount of cash 1-2k and the bank seems to think im dealing drugs or trying to launder.

#11697 - 09/04/20 11:03 AM Re: Cash Discrimination [Re: Spark]
Cheyenne Online   content


Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 1209
This is somewhat of a fine line on whether this should be in off topic. Out of consideration, I try to avoid crossing into political conversation in the lobby. But, I will say that it is difficult to access our own cash these days. It is disturbing for many reasons. It would definitely affect session business. How many clients want a paper trail of their adult purchases?

Also, I've had the same experience you have with depositing cash. For people in a cash business who keep good accounting records and pay taxes, this is tough.

#11698 - 09/04/20 01:34 PM Re: Cash Discrimination [Re: Lady Bellatrix]
Soapy Online   happy

Registered: 10/10/15
Posts: 331
The downside would be privacy in regards to organizations knowing where you spent your money.

#11699 - 09/04/20 02:30 PM Re: Cash Discrimination [Re: Soapy]
ryancbtbb Online   content

Registered: 06/06/20
Posts: 10
half the businesses in general aren't accepting cash

#11700 - 09/04/20 02:49 PM Re: Cash Discrimination [Re: ryancbtbb]
junglebeast Online   content

Registered: 06/15/19
Posts: 238
Loc: Native New Yorker
Originally Posted By ryancbtbb
half the businesses in general aren't accepting cash

Since March I haven't used cash. First time I really used my debit card extensively. It is great to track your day-to-day purchases but for this business? I think it will intimidate some subs.

#11701 - 09/04/20 03:35 PM Re: Cash Discrimination [Re: junglebeast]
ryancbtbb Online   content

Registered: 06/06/20
Posts: 10
the real question is... whos willing to play "spit fetish"?


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