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#11190 - 06/18/20 05:15 PM What is big, black and knocks at the door?
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 278
Any guesses? The future. This is not about the market but about the economy. I expect by next year we will enter a long period of high unemployment and stagflation. Until recently I was optimistic for the rest of the year. I thought that the pent up demand, the forced savings will at least translate in a positive next few months. I thought that if a second wave comes it would be in the winter. I thought I could travel in September or October. Now I hear that a second wave might start in August and this could change the picture. My hope is that the virus, like all viruses is a parasite that has no interest in killing its hosts, so it can mutate in a less virulent form. This is why new viruses are so dangerous, they are not adapted yet to their hosts. I am going to share a relatively dark vision for the scene for the next few years.

The general context I expect is a last hurrah for the rest of the year followed by high unemployment and stagflation for the next 3 years. What would the scene look like? A very good rest of the year, but threatened by the second wave towards the end. The major change I foresee is the reversal of the trend towards independence. The high unemployment and low barriers of entry would mean new talent entering the market. The lack of discretionary spending income would mark a shift of preference towards domination houses reversing a long existing trend. I expect new domination houses to appear. For those complaining about mistresses working for men, this is your chance to open your own instead. However financially this is a risky long term investment.

I expect independent mistresses to raise their fees next year, to differentiate from the newcomers, to compensate for the higher price of the rent, and because they will have fewer sessions.

Probably most of the newcomers will be gone in a year, but their numbers would be replenished, and those remaining will have a better year in 2022 and be real competition in 2023. Of course predictions are likely to be wrong, especially when they are about the future. Who would have expected a year ago the current madness?

But this is a possible outcome, and food for thought. If I am right, the coming good period should be enjoyed, but also possibly a time to prepare for the future.

#11194 - 06/18/20 09:28 PM Re: What is big, black and knocks at the door? [Re: Komodo]
The Thomas Online   content

Registered: 10/20/15
Posts: 323
"We are all interested in the future for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives."

Interesting speculation. The concept of a "second wave" is an analogy to the pattern we experience with the flu which goes away in July and comes back in October. This creates a sharp contrast. I am not sure that we are going to get the same contrast with covid_19. More likely the rate of hospitalizations will slump a bit in July and August but it definitely sticks around. Then it ticks up in the fall but not dramatically so it does not stick out on graph as a well defined "wave".

Why do you see rents rising? The trend towards Work From Home has reduced the demand for office. Also some commercial real estate are occupied by businesses that are going to go bankrupt. Two reasons for lower demand. As for residential real estate there is urban flight caused by the pandemic.

I do agree with you about a wave of newcomers but I see much of that being Findom which is going to become a grossly oversaturated specialty. Most of those newcomers are going to struggle to get by. A fraction of them will branch out into more traditional Femdom activities. Whether they will be enough to spawn a resurgence in the houses is unclear to me.

#11207 - 06/19/20 06:03 AM Re: What is big, black and knocks at the door? [Re: The Thomas]
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 278
The rents have to do with living in big cities. Fewer dungeons surviving, and those that do having to catch up with past rents. Probably the cost for renting a room in a dungeon will go up.

There will always be more supply than demand for findom. I think the domination houses will be more of a demand story. The demand will not decrease but people will have less discretionary income.

#11219 - 06/20/20 01:35 PM Re: What is big, black and knocks at the door? [Re: Komodo]
palmer Online   content

Registered: 06/16/19
Posts: 47
I'm no economist so I can't speak to the stagflation prediction, although the inflation part of stagflation I don't see. I also don't see a resurgence in domination houses, as much as I would like to. As someone living in NYC, I've seen houses just slowly vanish over time, and I don't see that trend reversing in a time of extreme economic uncertainty and when there's a continued possibility of rolling shut downs due to bursts of coronavirus activity. Houses also work on the concept of volume, and I think it will be a while before a larger number of people want to shuffle in and out of shared play spaces, one entering five minutes after another leaves.

There's also a younger generation that has grown up on domination online, findom, fandom re Only Fans, etc., and for whom house culture is alien. Add to that a climate that's generally less sex-work friendly than the one in the '70s.

I think it's going to a year or more before things get back to some kind of new normal and there will have been a lot of wreckage along the way.

As for rates and tributes, I see them being all over the place. There are some clients who are not so price sensitive and $100/hour either way isn't a big deal. I think those of us who are interested in seeing someone highly skilled, with equipment/wardrobe, and who gets deep into the psychology of things will be okay to pay more, even if that means sessioning a bit less.

#11233 - 06/22/20 02:43 PM Re: What is big, black and knocks at the door? [Re: palmer]
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 278

None of this is about this year, when things hopefully will keep getting better. The picture I saw was starting with 2021.

#11234 - 06/22/20 07:14 PM Re: What is big, black and knocks at the door? [Re: Komodo]
John_Bolton Offline

Registered: 06/22/20
Posts: 195
Should we continue to see any mistresses who don't pledge their full support to BLM? They should have to donate money to the cause, right? Seems like what every corporation in America is doing right now.

#11265 - 06/24/20 08:52 PM Re: What is big, black and knocks at the door? [Re: Komodo]
Mistress Ayn Online   content


Registered: 10/13/15
Posts: 1133
Loc: Atlanta, GA
A client of mine that is (we shall say) an economic pundit, suggested I raise my tributes to get ahead of the coming inflation. I am not going to do that but I did heed his advice about gold. He has been spot on over the years . . .
Making grown men cry . . . and loving every minute of it.

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#11274 - 06/25/20 04:25 PM Re: What is big, black and knocks at the door? [Re: Mistress Ayn]
broom Offline

Registered: 01/17/20
Posts: 24
perhaps You should lock rates in place for Your existing clients and raise rates on new clients. there are several strategies which would allow you to stabilize Your income by establishing innovative fee schedules that would provide lower costs to Your regular customers, who adore and worship You, rewarding them with pecuniary and emotional relief which they so richly deserve and rewarding punishing them with corporal agony that they so richly deserve as well.

raising fees on the public face of your enterprise would maximize profit and may even lead to new business. the market tends to punish those who undervalue their product. a lower price raises suspicion of inferior quality at times. and we all know that You, Mistress Ayn, are a person of the highest quality providing service that is second to none. it could even be used as a way to capture new business by dangling the prospect of membership in an elite inner circle before new clients. i believe that it would even serve to elevate the exclusivity of your highest tier product, The Femdom Mansion!

#11275 - 06/25/20 04:32 PM Re: What is big, black and knocks at the door? [Re: Komodo]
broom Offline

Registered: 01/17/20
Posts: 24
Originally Posted By Komodo
the coming good period should be enjoyed, but also possibly a time to prepare for the future.

wise advice for all times. unfortunately i tend to forget this frequently. thank you for reminding everyone.

a minor point, but this isn't a second wave. we're still in the first one frown


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