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#9031 - 01/03/20 03:46 AM Hong Kong Mistress Euryale Session
Sissybuttslave Offline

Registered: 11/27/15
Posts: 202
Loc: Atlanta, Ga
I have been lucky to serve some amazing dominas in the USA, Canada, Europe and now, thankfully in Asia.
Ms. Euryale's twitter feed ( @Ms_Euryale) me to her website (https://www.dominatrixdiary.com/) and it was quite intriguing. After I sent an email intro with my experience and some links to previous reviews and comments from dominas about previous sessions, we set up a date and time.

The anticipation begins, I search social media feeds, websites and forums to read about a domme i am about to see ~not in a stalkerish way, but more like listening to the songs of a band before you see them in concert. You get excited and start to imagine how great the experience will be.

..and her twitter feed is SPECTACULAR, she has a ballerina's body. I have long believed that a truly transcendent BDSM session primarily depends upon a connection between the Domme and the Sub. The chemistry is important; her creativity and her devious mind make the session, but I won't complain if she is a world class beauty... and She IS a world class beauty!

I bought a nice Victorias Secret thong and a chastity device to wear on the appointed day and could not wait. I proceeded to the meeting place, pantied and chastised, under the casual male clothes that reveal nothing about the coming debauchery. I perused a nearby lingerie shop waiting for her text with the final location.

I didn't have to wait long and was shortly greeted at the door by a gorgeous woman who had the most fantastic eyes. "I read the reviews that you posted on MaxFisch and I liked that you are so open minded, many people are not". Her smile lit up the room. (She read my reviews!?! Wow!) I became a bit nervous and shy, I was invited to freshen up in the shower and took the opportunity to do so.

When I came out, I was invited to do a strip tease, this was a bit humiliating - I need to learn how to twerk - but after I had stripped down, I was so excited by this sultry woman who was playful and dominant in equal measure, that the chastity device slipped off my sissy appendage. This would never do, she quickly retrieved a much smaller chastity device, fitting for a sissy. My sissy berries would not fit through the ring, so she helped them, it was a tight fit, and it hurt, and the pain was delicious because it pleased HER!

She chose stockings and a Chemise for me, so silky, so feminine, so sublime. I was a slutty sissy and her eyes and her smile sparkled with what was to come. She brought out her cock and it was beautiful. She wanted me to suck it and I wanted to please her. I wanted nothing more, I wanted to make her happy. As I licked, teased and worshipped, She tormented me "The next time you visit, you'll be sucking a real one." "I will bring one of my well hung subs and you WILL pleasure him." (This is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever met in person, would she, could she enjoy my company as a man? No, not while my appendage is straining in a tiny cage, encased by thong panties, my upper body is in a silky camisole, my thighs are in stockings and there is a huge COCK in my throat, i am a sissy and my humiliation is immense).

As my veneration of her erection reached a crescendo, she withdrew and moved behind me to take me as a man takes a woman. I love being taken by a strapon, really, it is an amazing feeling... but this is a conflict with the alpha duties and pretendings of my daily life. Real men don't take COCK, or wear chastity cages or panties or anything else that I was doing that day, I was a sissy. I AM a sissy and with every thrust of her COCK into me, every rotation of her hips sending tidal waves of pleasure through my body, every word from her mouth the delicious humiliation intensified. Finished, she withdrew.

She produced a ceramic mug and unlocked my sissy appendage, giving me a chance to bring myself to climax into the mug, under her playful, mocking gaze. I want to please her and am suffering from stagefright, I have long been shy and intimidated by beautiful women, sissified, humiliated with endorphins coursing through my body, I finally spurt my sissy juice into the mug. "Drink it" she says. I don't want to, I am coming down from the endorphin high and there is cum in the mug. I want NO part of this. She is clearly enjoying my struggle, her eyes dancing and her smile gleeful. I succumb to her demand, no one was fooled, I would never be able to resist her in anything. As she asked me to describe how I felt as I ingested my ejaculate, it dawned on me that this closing act of submission and humiliation pleased her and I CAN'T WAIT TO DO THAT AGAIN!
Twitter: @sissybuttslave
Fetlife: sissybuttslave

#9060 - 01/06/20 06:22 AM Re: Hong Kong Mistress Euryale Session [Re: Sissybuttslave]
Domina M Offline


Registered: 10/30/15
Posts: 224
Loc: Paris, France
I've never played with Euryale, but have met her on a few occasions. (She is a native Parisian and comes here often.) I can attest that she is a lovely person and just as beautiful as her photos.
Le homme est un objéct fétiche et ce fétiche me désire.

#9071 - 01/06/20 08:19 PM Re: Hong Kong Mistress Euryale Session [Re: Domina M]
Sissybuttslave Offline

Registered: 11/27/15
Posts: 202
Loc: Atlanta, Ga
THANKS Domina M. I completely agree, she is genuine and fun. She clearly enjoys what she is doing!
Twitter: @sissybuttslave
Fetlife: sissybuttslave

#11272 - 06/25/20 10:51 AM Re: Hong Kong Mistress Euryale Session [Re: Sissybuttslave]
Mistressnumber1 Online   content

Registered: 06/20/19
Posts: 30
Mistress Euryale's a very skilled Mistress. I'm glad you were able to session with her.


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