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#11080 - 05/31/20 09:19 AM Submit or Quit
cbtlover Online   content

Registered: 10/19/15
Posts: 68
Loc: Tampa, Florida
I am serving as slave and cuckold for my new Mistress. Yesterday, she explained my task as fluffer would also include submitting to anal from her stud-boyfriend. While being no stranger to forced bi, I've never submitted to anal from another man. I'm torn between excitement and fear. I tried to discuss my anxiety with her. She said, "Submit or quit."

#11081 - 05/31/20 01:02 PM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: cbtlover]
Swordfish Offline

Registered: 10/31/15
Posts: 73
Loc: California
A mistress listens to my concerns and tells me "submit or quit", super super easy answer for "quit", I wouldn't have to think twice.

The one exception is that if she knows you so well, that she knows just how to push your buttons to get you over you fears. I've had a mistress who I'd served for years, enormous trust and care built on both sides, she knew just when to push me and just when to back off. But to any extent this is manipulative in a negative way, I mean even a little, I quit with a quickness (assuming I'd already discussed my concerns with her)

Edited by Swordfish (05/31/20 01:18 PM)

#11082 - 05/31/20 01:29 PM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: Swordfish]
DommeLynx Online   content


Registered: 07/09/19
Posts: 54
Loc: Jersey City, NJ
Perfect response, Swordfish.
Mistress Erika Lynx
Playful, Creative, and Sensual Female Domination.


#11083 - 05/31/20 07:44 PM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: DommeLynx]
junglebeast Online   content

Registered: 06/15/19
Posts: 201
Loc: Native New Yorker
Originally Posted By DommeLynx
Perfect response, Swordfish.

I completely agree with Swordfish and DommeLynn. Quit.

I was in almost the deepest subspace of my life with one Mistress I served and knew for several years. She was more than a Mistress, a performance artist and psychologist, and when I said I wanted to do heavier sessions she said, authoritatively, “No, that’s not you. You’re not ready for that.” She was absolutely right. She “tormented” me plenty of other ways during the years, but she knew who I was and trusted me, as I did her.

Do yourself a favor. Quit. It isn’t about you it is about the Mistress and her boyfriend.

#11084 - 06/01/20 05:47 AM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: cbtlover]
buffalo Online   content

Registered: 06/21/19
Posts: 133
Loc: USA
This is a tough one and my advice is to go with your gut. My first thought was that she knows you well and is just trying to get you to another level. I mean you are already involved with your Mistress and her boyfriend on sexual level so this is a further step. But it’s a big step at least in your mind which is what counts. I don’t know your personal circumstances to make any kind of recommendation. I think your level of trust in her is important. I also think what your kink is is also important. Are you into degradation? Maybe she senses this and is giving you what she thinks you want. One of the traits of a great Domme is to read you and take you places you want to go but don’t realise it yet. I love that feeling of being torn between excitement and fear. Maybe she senses this about you and is trying to give it to you.

Or maybe as Junglebeast said it’s all about her and her boyfriend which kind of leads me back to are you looking for degradation. This is a very tough call and it’s also wrapped up in how you feel about her and the experience you’ve had with her already. I’d say think hard and go with your gut.
And still trying to figure it all out.................. buffalo

#11085 - 06/01/20 08:57 AM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: cbtlover]
Jiminhales Online   content

Registered: 06/23/19
Posts: 111
Loc: Maryland
I had a Mistress once tell me my next appt. would include sucking a guy off. It was up to me. Make the appt. and that was going to be the first 10 minutes of the session.
My initial thought was, Nope.
But I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Was she serious? Was she will to lose me and my tribute. Pretty ballsy.
I scheduled with her the next time I was in Philly.
My suggestion is Why Not? You may like it.

#11087 - 06/01/20 02:21 PM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: cbtlover]
ScreamsAlot Online   content

Registered: 05/09/20
Posts: 13
Is that one of these setups in which you ask the question in the hope of hearing the answer that you know you want to hear....well, perhaps not fully realizing that s what you re doing?

I think it is :-)

In that case: just do it, you are dying to...

SA (barstool psychologist)

#11088 - 06/01/20 04:30 PM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: cbtlover]
Violetwand Online   content

Registered: 06/15/19
Posts: 3
If you are willing to even consider this and are, in your own words, "excited" about this then you've already made the decision to submit. The beauty of this world we've created is that you get to define your own boundaries. No judgment. Have fun.


#11089 - 06/01/20 08:29 PM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: Violetwand]
The Thomas Online   content

Registered: 10/20/15
Posts: 255
Originally Posted By Violetwand
If you are willing to even consider this and are, in your own words, "excited" about this then you've already made the decision to submit. The beauty of this world we've created is that you get to define your own boundaries. No judgment. Have fun.



#11090 - 06/02/20 05:46 AM Re: Submit or Quit [Re: cbtlover]
Komodo Online   content

Registered: 07/12/19
Posts: 231
I do not think that that mistress has your best interests at heart. Quit.

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