This session took place over 9 months ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It began innocently enough, with me thinking to myself (never a good idea): I wonder how many simultaneous slave activities could my Mistress perform on me? By the way, I will refer to the simultaneous activities as SSA’s. I surmised that 4 SSA’s would be as far as one could go. My next step was to send an email requesting a session with Mistress Steele under the heading of “Mistress Challenge”. I challenged Her to come up with more than 4 SSA’s. The response was quick and to the point: “Challenge accepted!! Arrive at the dungeon at 11 a.m. on Saturday! I couldn’t help but notice the exclamation points, which gave me good cause to worry.

Saturday arrived and Mistress was more than ready. First, she cuffed my hands above my head and attached a leg spreader to my feet. She then took an impaler and implanted the sizable dildo all the way up my ass (no small feat considering I am 6’ 4”). She then went electrical and attached a lead around my scrotum and a second attachment near the tip of my penis. Then came the nipple clamps. Now she had me drink and hold a full ration of Golden Nectar from a glass she had prepared. Her Instructions were that I was to swish and/or gargle at Her command. Finally, she commented that She could use a little single tail practice. That was 6 SSA’s by my count. I was about to be sextupled.

The ordeal began. It felt like I was rolling uncontrollably down a steep, rocky hill. I knew bad things were happening to my body, but couldn’t be sure what, except for the intermittent sting of the single tail. Of course, there was some periodic rest to allow me the chance to gargle. I don’t know how long it lasted, but finally Mistress relented. I felt a bit proud – like a perverted Cirque du Soleil performer. Mistress expressed surprise that I had taken it so well. “I’ll have to step it up”.

My mind was screaming: “What the hell?? Step it up!!” but my voice said “Yes Mistress”. Now time for round 2. Everything was in place, but now Mistress replaced the nipple clamps with electrified nipple clamps. That was stepping it up considerably. There was once final touch. After another gulp of Nectar, She placed some soiled panties over my head and face covering my nose. Ah, the artist’s touch – the only thing missing was an evil laugh: Ya, Ha, Ha! I’m sure She will think of that the next time. So somewhere in the universe there were birds singing, children laughing, dancers dancing, but I’m pretty sure I was the only one about to be sextupled by a Mad Scientest Mistress with a single tail in Her hand.

As you have no doubt surmised, I survived the ordeal. Now the question, is sextupled as far as a Mistress and slave can go? Can any Mistress and slave perform a seventuple or even an octuple? Would the slave survive? I throw the challenge out there. The answer will have to wait until after the pandemic.