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Posted by: Dr. Pleasure

Poppers / Aroma - 07/12/21 03:03 PM

I can't help but notice the increasing number of popper/aroma femdom POV videos on all the porn sites these days. I've always enjoyed them and think they add an extra dimension to the session. I especially enjoy it when the Mistress controls my dosing and uses it to get me deeper into subspace and "loosen my inhibitions." I was just curious about others opinions, especially the Mistresses of the board.
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Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/12/21 10:39 PM

Although I really enjoy "forced" intoxication under safe circumstances, poppers are a hard limit for me based on the chemicals involved and how much damage they do to brain cells.

I understand the appeal of them, especially since the effects are able to dissipate before you leave a session, but I just don't feel the amount of permanent damage you take to use them in a session is worth it.

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Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/14/21 12:22 PM

Safety is a huge issue for me as well. I did a good amount of research into this. I have a science background and worked in healthcare of the past 23 years. The following chart is from the New England Journal of Medicine:

Below cannabis, tobacco and alcohol on both axis which gives me some sense of comfort. But agree all drugs are a risk and should be approached with caution.
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Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/14/21 03:34 PM

Unlike Alcohol & Pot (where legal), "Poppers" as a product are unregulated. Which means you don't know exactly what is in a particular bottle (for example solvents) in addition to the active ingredient of the alkyl nitrites. There is also no way to know the mix/strength of a particular formulation even if it doesn't include bad elements.

Also, while a good formulation of alkyl nitrites alone is less dangerous than tobacco (as one of the three examples) in overall health because of tobaccos ties to cancer and other diseases, I will respectfully disagree with the context of the comparison since I doubt it is a "dose to dose" one. I am confident the base scores for alkyl nitrites vs Tobacco on this XY chart is not based on doing 40 poppers a day (like smoking 2 packs a day is) or a person smoking a single cigarette whenever they session... Thus making it a false flag in the context of this discussion.

I admit that my personal concern does have more to do with what else is in a particular bottle & its affects on brain health than an acute reaction within a session but since we are diving in here, I also want to bring up stacking. Alkyl nitrites increase blood flow by dilating blood vessels which in turn lowers blood pressure. But, of course, we all know what else does that... ED medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra & Stendra.

If a man uses any of these drugs (which, let's face it... A lot of subs do when visiting a Domme) & then does poppers in a session, you are now stacking these medications in a way that the chart doesn't reflect at all. This is not so bad in a daily medication dose of ED pills but acute doses of ED medications before a session is dangerous enough without stacking alkyl nitrites on top of that.

In the context of this board, this is of particular concern to the Dommes since the use of ED medications by a sub are usually not disclosed... Even when they are specifically asked about by the Domme. So, combine the intense physical stress of our session activities with 100mg of Viagra AND some unknown formulation/strength of an alkyl nitrite "popper" (and possibly even some pre-session alcohol for "courage") & you really start rolling the dice.

These are obviously not things that you, as someone who understands these risks, are going to do. However, others who are not as cognizant or careful as either of us also read this board so please understand that I am really talking to them about these dangers & not attacking you or your personal choices at all. I am all for informed decisions and manged risk choices, but this is honestly the first in-depth discussion of these risks that I can remember so thank you for that.
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Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/15/21 03:58 PM

These are all very good points especially the dose to dose comparison and the point about the dangers of mixing poppers and ED drugs.
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Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/15/21 05:07 PM

I've had subs lie about taking ED drugs while using poppers. One older gent passed out while on the cross. I don't allow poppers any longer. The last thing I need is a heart attach in my play space. eek
Posted by: Cheyenne

Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/19/21 05:32 AM

I've seen poppers been discussed but have never had involvement with them. This may be something I should know but, what are they? I did a google search and it came back as something that is inhaled. Is this correct?
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Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/19/21 11:28 AM

Hello Mistress Cheyenne,

Long time admirer here. Yes, this is correct. Originally, it was in the form of amyl nitrate and used to treat angina (chest pain/tightness).


It basically relaxes smooth muscles such as blood vessels which thereby cause a drop in blood pressure. But, the side effect is “rush” of a warm trance-like feeling. Of course, smooth muscles are also found in the anus and rectum which is why poppers have been a mainstay in the gay and BDSM community for a long time. It also puts you in a horny headspace almost instantaneously.

I can personally attest that any play in that area is intensified with popper us, primarily because you can take more. Amyl nitrite is hard to find these days because it is a drug, but a lot of manufacturers skit the law by mixing different ingredients with the nitrate portion (alkyl, butyl, isobutyl, isopentyl). But, the nitrate portion is the active ingredient so they all pretty much do the same thing. But, to AspX’s point, there is no quality control so you don’t know for sure what you’re getting.
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Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/19/21 09:10 PM

Basically, they come in a small bottle that the Domme puts up or near your nostril & you inhale the fumes. Dr. Pleasure is right about the science but to put it in simpler terms, it relaxes your asshole which makes it easier to take larger strapons/cocks.

The other thing that is good about Poppers is that it's sort of like getting laughing gas at the dentist in that the effects dissipate relatively quickly so driving after a session is safe (unlike other types of forced intoxication).
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Re: Poppers / Aroma - 07/19/21 09:27 PM

Thanks for the compliment and the explanation. I agree that with the way drugs are manufactured now, it would be worrisome to have client taking them.