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#3092 - 06/29/18 07:49 PM Mistress Ayn - Putting the Professional in Pro Dom
AspX Online   content

Registered: 07/08/16
Posts: 734
Loc: Detroit
So.. this isn't a session review. You can see review after review of Mistress Ayn and how amazing She is in session and I am more than willing to attest to how true that is. Instead, this is actually something that is just as important but is rarely discussed in the reviews on this board and that is how amazing Mistress Ayn is as a Professional in this field.

If you know my name or have seen my posts you probably know I have been pretty prolific with my sessioning over the last few years. Therefore, I have dealt with many, many different Pro Dommes. Each Woman is unique, with their own set of rules and methods for dealing with clients and Mistress Ayn is no different in that respect.

I have sessioned with some Dommes who are a pain in the ass to deal with outside of the dungeon (but are very good with pain in my ass inside it). I have not been able to session with others who are very professional but whose rules/expectations conflict with my own limits (usually this relates to only accepting certain deposit methods like Gift Rocket or having hourly rates that exceed the top end of what I am willing to pay).

However, by far, the single most professional and considerate Domme I have ever sessioned with is Mistress Ayn and IMO, She deserves to be called out, praised and known for this fact. Don't get me wrong, She has Her pain in the butt rules like requiring you to fill out the form on her website before She will consider you as a client. However, She is also willing to give you the logical explanation of exactly why She requires that (the reasoning is that She prints it out and may reference it during the session, so having the information in a consistent order makes it a quick glance rather than having to hunt for it).

Once accepted, setting up the session itself has always been smooth and easy with the expectations for confirmation calls and pre-session instructions communicated very well. She responds to emails in a timely manner and is perfectly willing to talk on the phone if I ever feel I need to ask/explain something interactively rather than just through text. At the session, She has simple and clear procedures that make you feel your clothes, wallet and other stuff is safe. It is clear that Her equipment is always clean and sanitized and She always separates what She has used during a session from what She hasn't.

As praiseworthy as all of that is, all of those things are what most Pro Dommes do and other than the incredibly personable way that goes about all of the business surrounding a session, it is pretty standard for those who are truly great in this field. But, even beyond that She loves everything about what She does and She loves to be able to be creative and truly personalize the experience while insuring Her own enjoyment. Again, this is similar to most great Pro Dommes.

So, since these are things that a lot of great Pros do, you may ask what has driven me to write this today? It is that I wrote and asked Her for a reference for another Domme that She knows and who is planning a visit to Detroit. However, instead of just saying "Sure Asp, you can use me as a reference" or "Yes, tell Her contact Me in this way", Mistress Ayn did something so simple yet so insanely professional that it just blew me away.

Instead, She offered to and then reached out to the Domme and vouched for me in order to make it easier on both myself and the other Domme. Its the kind of little thing that you see in great customer service organizations and yet almost never in this world. Not just to say yes to a request but to see how with just an extremely small effort She could make things easier for everyone involved.

It would be incredibly professional for a lawyer or a doctor or an accountant to do something along those lines with a colleague. Yet in this new world where the "Pro" in Pro Domme tends to stand for "Fuck You Pay Me beta boy" rather than actually being Professional in how a Domme interacts with clients outside of the service itself, it was just an awesome thing to experience. The thing is She probably considers it to be no big deal and just what everyone should do to help a good client connect with a Domme colleague, and that attitude is really why Mistress Ayn really puts the Professional in Pro Domme.

Well... I am here to say it is a very big deal to me. Oh, and as for when you are lucky enough to be within Her control, She is just as amazingly Pro at all of that as well (including the butt stuff).


#3096 - 06/30/18 01:59 PM Re: Mistress Ayn - Putting the Professional in Pro Dom [Re: AspX]
The Thomas Online   content

Registered: 10/20/15
Posts: 261
Yes it was very nice of her to take that extra step.

#3101 - 07/07/18 02:11 PM Re: Mistress Ayn - Putting the Professional in Pro Dom [Re: AspX]
Mistress Ayn Online   content


Registered: 10/13/15
Posts: 1051
Loc: Atlanta, GA
Thanks for a wonderful and unique review, asp.

I've always believed that adding "Pro" in front of the title "Domme" carried responsibility: to be professional. Being professional means a lot more than just charging for your services and professional domination should be like any profession where care and concern for the client are paramount. Since we are talking about very important issues like discretion and personal safety, professionalism in this industry is of even greater importance, in My opinion.

In all honesty, the detail that meant the most to you, My contacting King Lexa to provide a reference without waiting for Her to contact me, is not something that I do for everyone. I know Lexa very well and I think I know you well enough to know that you would follow through, so I took that extra step to save everyone some time.

I will say that I appreciated you asking Me ahead of time to use Me as a reference. Often subs don't ask and then We get an email from a random provider We have never heard of asking Us to confirm that We have seen you and it raises some concerns - and makes additional work for Us. I then have to Google the provider to make sure the email address is legit, or I have to contact the client to verify that you are indeed trying to book with this person. All of which could be avoided if the client had given Me a heads up like you did.

Anyway, you know I think highly of you (go ahead and puff your chest out, it's okay to be proud) and this post could serve as a reference and review of you too.

Thanks for always being an ideal submissive and client. you are appreciated.

M. Ayn
Making grown men cry . . . and loving every minute of it.

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