Queen Titania

Cruel, Hypnotic Rubber Dominatrix

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Welcome to my domain. I am Queen Titania, a sadistic transgender rubber dominatrix, latex model and overall pervert. I have dominated Providence, Rhode IslandĀ  and established myself as one of the most unique experiences a submissive can ever hope to enjoy... or suffer. I don't just session, I remold slaves, I take control of them and take them to new places they could only imagine. Do you seek to feel true submission? Do you adore glistening, perfect latex? Do you love pain, humiliation and a complete mind-fuck? Do you need to worship a Goddess? Then you are in the right place. If you wish to serve, then contact me: latextitania@gmail.com
I am a lifestyle and professional dominatrix who employs her skills in the dungeon, on the phone and across the internet. I have many talents and put them to work in a gorgeous, well stocked, private dungeon. My specialties are: humiliation, rubber and latex domination, feminization, sissification, bondage, hypnosis, stocking/heel/foot worship, objectification, caging/confinement, chastity, financial domination, sensory deprivation, corporal punishment and some other things I may have forgotten. I'm not sure if what I do really fits in a list anyway. I try to provide experiences, to dehumanize, degrade and mindfuck my hardcore slaves or to elevate them and inspire better behavior and service from a sissy maid.
I will bring you to places you never quite imagined, cause you to experience your fetishes in ways you never thought possible, and take control mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I take pride in causing people to lose themselves in submissive, losing all track of time as they enter my latex bondage ball, surpassing their pain thresholds as they are hit by my floggers, gloves, crops and canes and completely dehumanizing them as I take away their mobility and senses. How can you feel completely human when I have you encased in latex, unable to see, feel, or maybe even think and then you are forced to squirm forward, trying in vain to move and find my feet so you can worship them without even being able to see where they are.

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My dungeon is located five minutes from Downtown Providence, one minute off I-95. I'm available most days from early afternoon until after midnight. To schedule a session contact me via email at latextitania@gmail.com or via the phone on niteflirt at 1-800-863-5478 extension 9501531 or http://www.niteflirt.com/queentitania

E-Mail: latextitania@gmail.com

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