Mistress Stella

Mistress Stella

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You`ve been waiting, but are you ready? To be be A good little slave? Just do as Mistress Stella commands, and you will fall completely under her spell. Whether you wish to be a common sissy-maid house boy, perverted little pay-pig, or a helpless little cuckold slut, Mistress Stella will make sure your fantasies are far more than realized. In her expansive dungeonstudio, your notions of propriety and control will be checked at the door.
If you behave, show me your dedication, follow my rules, and jump to my requests without hesitation...well, then you just maybe lucky enough to find yourself whimpering at my feet, quivering in nervous anticipation as you await instruction. You will discover that you really have not lived without your Mistress Stella. I know what you need, be it punishment, correction, or complete and utter uncompromising domination. If you are very lucky, I will bring light to the cravings you have only begun to imagine. Financial Domination, Moneyslavery!Cuckolds (Cucks)I play many roles, and I will find my pleasure in your use. As varied as my slutty minions tend to be, I have noticed characteristics common in those I find chemistry with and decide to rear as one of my own. The following are some activities I would like to do with you:
  • Feminization, Sissy Training
  • Restraints, Sensory Deprivation
  • Nylons, Stockings, Fishnets
  • Hot Wax
  • Latex, Leather, PVC, Corsets
  • Boxing, Closeting, Caging
  • Shopping, Shoes, Lingerie
  • Nipple Clamps, Weights
  • Clothes Pins
  • Gloves, Manicures, Pedicure
  • Funnel Gags, Inflatable Gags
  • Masks, Hoods
  • Total Power Exchange
  • Spanking, Paddling
  • Crops, Canes, Whips
  • Face Slapping
  • Small Penis Humiliation
  • Sissy Maids
  • Strap-On Training
  • Strap On Worship
  • Training & Obedience
  • Personality & Behavior modification
  • Forced intoxication
  • Human Furniture
  • Pain Slaves
      • Chastity & Keyholding
      • Bare Feet & Foot Worship
      • Stiletto, High-Heel, Boot Worship

I am strict, seductive, cruel and take great delight in pushing you and ultimately moulding you into my slave able to endure the many torments I have waiting. This journey is so much more enjoyable when you just give in to me. So... SUBMIT! If you are ready to experience the uncompromising Mistress Stella, then apply for private play time.
Send Me an introductory email outlining your perverted fantasies and interests. Be sure to include which activities you would like to engage in, keeping in mind that to even hope to touch Mistress, or that Mistress would aid in your disgusting release would be laughable. You will be privileged to kiss my feet. Go get yourself a common hooker if you are looking for someone to cater to your disgusting sexual appetite. On the other hand... Mistress does like to fuck her little bitches into submission with her big, purple strap-on...Don`t forget the basics. Tell me your name. I need to know how to get a hold of you, though I never will unless you ask me to. Tell me when you are hoping to meet, and where, should you have an acceptable alternative to my studiodungeon that you prefer. Most important; describe what being dominated means to you. Share your biggest turn-on, and what it is that makes you feel most submissive, and what you think makes your Mistress most dominating. Maybe you had a key session that opened your eyes to what you are looking for. This way we can determine more easily if you will work for me, or if you will just waste my time.

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Location / Contact Information:
So come, little slave, let me relish in your servitude. Tell me your darkest secrets, exactly what you like, and hold nothing back. You will not shock me, your secrets are my delight!��This journey is so much more enjoyable when you just give in to me. SUBMIT!What happens next will blow your mind (not just your wad) I am based in San Francisco, CA, an whether local or just visiting.. I expec. you to call when you are ready to be mine.
Of course, I expect my slaves to pay tribute, to show appreciation and gratitude. My slaves know to bring no less than $300 for each hour they wish to spend at my command, if they have prepared a place for our session presentable to a woman of my uncompromising tastes. If your home is a hut, get a hotel. However, when new slaves wish to hold sessions in my fabulous dungeon...with cages of all shapes and sizes, a four-poster bed with restraints, glory holes, a fire place, an "adult" swing an inspection table with restraints, ceiling mounts, and, of course, a shower. To the dungeon, my slaves bring no less than $300 for each hour.


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