Mistress Katya Von Calder

Rubber Dominatrix, Sensual Sadist, Disciplinarian

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Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly... I am Mistress Katya Von Calder and I am a woman of many tastes. A fetishist, a sadist, a seductress, a disciplinarian, a humiliatrix. An Alpha female with an insatiable desire for your concession. A sensual sadist who dictates with a smile. My approach is genuine yet fluid. A dichotomy of sensual and sadistic. A contrast of nurturing and unforgiving. Playful and strict. A perfect balance between power and seduction. Show me your devotion by taking the pain and I may reward you with pleasure in return. I truly enjoy the thrill of power play and the connection that we share during your submission. It fuels me to go deep inside your psyche, to touch upon your deepest, most intimate of your submissive desires. I want your passions, your fears, your pleasures. I want complete control. I want it all.
Though I enjoy playing to extremities and prefer sessions that are psychologically intimate and powerful, I also enjoy the more playful side of BDSM and prefer to laugh, smile and enjoy myself as I torment you to my heart’s delight, whether it is through intense pain or absolute pleasure. Sensual Sadism is a personal mantra. Because of my desire to enjoy myself in session, I am very selective with who I play with and your interests must definitely share mine. I would rather have quality than quantity. I do not believe in impromptu scheduling or revolving door sessions
My sessions run the gamut with emotion, variety, and depth-from mild and playful to strict and intense. They are an unforgettable experience. That is a promise. I enjoy extended sessions (the longer, the better) and prefer to play with those who wish to build a strong connection and trusting Ds relationship. Polite, respectful and experienced submissives, bottoms, slaves, fetishists and kinksters are always welcomed in my presence. Do you think you have what it takes to please me? If so, I invite you to explore my website and take the next step into complete submission. I look foward to having you at my feet...where you belong.

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