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I’ve always been interested in sex from an educational and psychological standpoint. I enjoyed the pursuit of the forbidden, discovering all the ways individuals found pleasure, their secrets in their dark, their hidden desires, the twisted ways they abused their bodies for fun and amusement. Sex turned into kink and I learned there was more to bedroom games than foreplay. I now enjoy enacting what I’ve spent all those years learning about, getting to hear the gasps, moans, cries, and squeals of those fortunate enough to fall victim to my chosen implements of pain and pleasure.

I genuinely love what I do. I’m newer to the game, but I am always learning. In my spare time I’m reading in books and forum on tips and techniques, watching videos, and practicing my craft--I may be self-taught, but that doesn’t mean I’m unpolished. What I do, I do well. I regularly take kink education classes, as well as learning from peers in the community. I’m always honest about my skill level; I want to hurt you, not harm you, and I won’t perform a kink that I’m uncomfortable with just to make a buck. As of right now I do not host.
My primary interest is in causing you elicit those fun noises you make at your most vulnerable. I do respect all limits, but I will push them. I play with submissives who are not masochists and masochists who are not submissives. I also play with those who are solely fetishists. My forte is impact play, primarily barehanded OTK spankings, paddling, and belting though I do have experience with canes. My current areas of focus are domestic discipline, sounding, CBT, sensory play, castration play, knife play, electric play via violet want, foot worship, and chastity-key holding.

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Northwest Indiana Incall and Outcall PLEASE TELL ME YOU SAW MY AD ON DOMINA.MS

E-Mail: mistress.golightly@gmail.com

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