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What kind of man does Mistress Helen truly desire?

Mistress Helen wants a man who has good character and solid judgment, without any question of their submissive nature or their desire to serve.  Mistress Helen has a preference for men who are mature.

I have included a few scenes on this page which I enjoy.  They highlight my playful side. 

I'll be adding more soon about my strict and commanding side. Come back to read about that and learn more about me.

Remeber either way playful and using my feminine wiles to run the show or serious, strict and commaning the little man knows that I'm the boss!

Is the bad boy in need of a little correction? You run the show all day long. The more the pressure rises, the more your mind wanders. Between a rock and a hard place? Let Mistress Helen take care of correction by treating you like the Bad Boy you are. I`ll spank you bare handed naked over my lap. As you lean over the chair I`ll give you the loving sorority paddle. I`ll pose in front of my vanity table facing the mirror so you can watch it all as I correct you. And then finally when you stand corrected, I`ll let you lie down on the bed and spank you into frenzy. After I`m done with you, there will be no more mind wandering at work or anywhere else. Bottoms up! So the Nuptial Night didn`t turn out as you thought, husband dearest?  Come find out what happens when the blushing bride shows you her true dominant nature, after the wedding! Find out about the delights of being kept in chastity while the key holding wife has all the freedom. Mistress Helen wears the pants in the family and will turn you into the slutty, cuckolded devoted husband, you really are in no time. Will you be Mistress Helen`s blushing bride? It's time for your physical!  It's time for your check-up when you'll be throughly examined. You'll be tested for focus, stamina and performance. Depending on what I deem necessary the tests will invlove poking, prodding and all other manner of challenges. If you pass your physical tests you'll be fully approved by Mistress Helen! Are you ready for a long arduous physical?
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Location / Contact Information:
The best way to contact me is by e-mail. Ms.Helen.sg@gmail.com    Send a polite letter of introduction no longer than 30 sentences. For those of you who cannot e-mail, there may be some weeks on Wednesday when a phone number will be posted on this web page. My studio is located in Midtown Manhattan. It is well equipped and immaculately clean. Privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance.  Strictly Fetish and Role Play.

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